5 Landscaping Tips for Large Spaces
5 Landscaping Tips for Large Spaces

Ample outdoor space is a hot commodity. As a business owner, it gives you the chance to spread out, expand, and get more out of your property—not to mention, it looks pretty good, too!

All that space comes with a need for mindful space management: ways to seamlessly improve the look and flow of your property. In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few such ways to do just that. Take a look.

Link spaces together with visual cues

Your landscape may be large, but who says it can’t be cohesive? To create a sense of unified space, use similar visual cues throughout your property: landscape enhancements, like signs and benches, sidewalk borders, water features, etc. By implementing this element of repetition, employees or customers can explore the extent of your landscape while still feeling “at home,” surrounded by familiarity, wherever they roam.

Remember sound design

Sounds can carry over large, empty spaces. To prevent people on one side of your property from being distracted by traffic over on the opposite side, utilize the help of sound design: the carefully-planned addition of water features and other sound elements that help soften unwanted noise.

Break up the visual landscape

A rich, grassy lawn is beautiful, but it can sometimes seem boring if your landscape is nothing but one shade and style throughout. Break up the visual field by adding elements of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Something as simple as a pair of palm trees, a rain garden or topiary can help add interest to your space and prevent it from looking uniform all the way around.

Create separate spaces that work together

Think about your favorite theme park—more likely than not, the large property is broken up into separate “lands” or areas, separate spaces that combine to form a more cohesive whole. Even if the park itself is enormous, it doesn’t feel intimidating because each separate space lets you take one “bite” at a time. You can apply that same idea to your commercial landscape! Create separate spaces that work together, like a designated sitting area for lunches and picnics, a reflective pond or fountain area, a shady tree section perfect for walking through, and more. When you break it down like this, your landscape is a lot easier to manage!

Make it walkable

Above all, be sure to make your landscape walkable. In most cases, you want people to be able to freely explore the space without needing to trample over grass or walk through obstacles to get around. Providing abundant sidewalks and passageways can help you achieve a more pedestrian-friendly space.

You’ve got the vision for your large space—now, just make it a reality. Call Duval today to see how we can help.

5 Landscaping Tips for Large Spaces

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