How to Maintain Outdoor Common Areas on Your Commercial Property
How to Maintain Outdoor Common Areas on Your Commercial Property

As a business owner, you take pride in the stand-out qualities of the company, including the stellar products and services you provide, exceptional customer assistance, and consistent attention-to-detail. Still, it’s wise not to overlook the importance of a positive client and employee experience.

One way to accomplish the latter is by creating welcoming outdoor gathering spaces where people can come together for collaboration and conversation. Effective commercial landscaping in Florida makes this possible. Here’s how to get started:

Start Small

Improving and even overhauling your commercial landscape can seem like a daunting task. It’s easier if you first identify one or two key areas for improvement. Start with highly-visible and high-traffic zones, such as entrances.

Next, take time to carefully inspect and objectively evaluate your current landscaping. Take note of areas that could benefit from improvement projects, including updated plants and hardscape elements.   

When you work with a reputable provider of landscaping services in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll benefit from commercial landscaping that features seasonal colors and current design trends.

Consider Use

Some business owners overlook landscaping or take a lax approach. However, natural elements not only improve the general appearance of a company, they also benefit the morale and optimism of employees.

Employment experts agree that workers who feel comfortable are more productive. When you create outdoor gathering places where employees can discuss work matters and/or take breaks, you show caring about their full development: emotional, mental, physical, and otherwise.

In addition, quality commercial landscaping sets you apart from the competition. It shows that you’re committed to improving the neighborhood and community, and not just your bottom line. This not only attracts clients and potential team members but has the potential to increase property value.

Add Variety

There’s an old saying that “variety is the spice of life.” No rule says your commercial landscaping has to be boring or cookie-cutter. Instead, it’s best to consider diverse landscape elements that will contribute to increased interest in and attention for your company.

For instance, trees provide shade where people naturally gather to unwind and enjoy nature. Flowers and shrubs offer perennial beauty and benefit for all who view them. Don’t overlook lighting, which plays double-duty: showcasing your business while improving security.

A skilled and qualified commercial landscaper can help you select the ideal elements to make your property stand out, including textures and layers, focal points, pedestrian-friendly walkways, and more.

Get Expert Advice

More than mere aesthetics, your company’s landscaping can convey core corporate beliefs and commitment to environmental policies. In addition, efficient commercial landscaping can also help regulate inside temperature, saving you money on climate control costs. Still, along with beauty and function, you need a solid return on investment. That’s when it’s wise to reach out to trusted and reliable leaders of commercial landscaping in Florida.

Consistently ranked as one of the premier landscaping services in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the state, we offer a wide variety of services including landscape solutions (construction, enhancement, maintenance), tree care, water management, and more. Contact us today to improve the appearance of your commercial property.


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