Choosing the Best Trees for Your Commercial Landscape
Choosing the Best Trees for Your Commercial Landscape

You’ve got big ideas to enhance the exterior of your business. That’s a great start. However, it’s important to realize that different plants, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation have separate requirements in order to grow and thrive.

That’s why it’s essential to partner with a trusted and reputable Florida landscaping company. These experts can help you select options that are affordable, aesthetically-pleasing, and well-suited for growth in your region. Here’s how to get started:

Consider Climate 

Some trees (such as palo verde and mesquite) do well in desert and arid regions. By contrast, others are meant for more temperate areas. Florida’s diverse growth zones create near endless possibilities.

For example, shade trees provide an escape from the hot sun. This is helpful for when employees wish to take breaks outside, or a client insists on a pleasant outdoor meeting spot.

True to their name, evergreen trees add year-round interest and ambiance in a variety of regions across the country. In fact, the Southern live oak is one of the most popular members of this family.

Palm trees are also a perennial favorite in the Sunshine State. Florida has the ideal climate to support a wide selection of palms.

Keep Growth and Placement in Mind

One of the most difficult decisions when selecting appropriate trees to beautify the exterior of your business is gauging adequate size. When established varieties are chosen, it’s a good idea to consider future growth. While trimming is a possibility, early decision making can prevent costly maintenance as your commercial landscape matures.

In addition, careful placement is paramount to avoiding unsavory scenarios as trees grow. That’s why it’s best to partner with a Jacksonville, Florida landscaping firm well-versed in outdoor commercial projects. Skilled and qualified professionals can help determine the ideal trees to match and improve your building’s exterior design.

Manage Root Spread

While it’s not possible to force tree roots to grow in a specific way, you can opt for selections that lessen the visible impact as trees grow.

For instance, when planning trees for parking lot beautification, it’s best to avoid varieties that have large surface roots. This can cause buckling and asphalt breakage. So, trees such as beech, elm, sycamore, and others should be avoided for this purpose.

Some business owners choose to place large planters for parking lot trees and in other areas. Reaching out to a firm with a solid grasp of commercial landscaping in Florida will help you devise and implement novel ideas to enrich your company’s landscape while preventing unfortunate situations from occurring.

Think Double-Duty

If you’re struggling between placing trees or other aesthetic vegetation (shrubs, flowering plants), think about selecting options that can give you the best of both worlds. There are many flowering trees that provide shady function as well as eye-catching fashion.

For instance, sweetbay (a member of the magnolia family) lends an ornamental grace to any corporate landscape design. Other popular options include dogwood, crepe myrtle, tulip poplar, and more.

In addition, there are several other trees that provide comfortable shade, including gingko, Chinese pistache, live oak, and others.

Get Expert Advice

No one wants to place trees, shrubs, flowers, or other landscape elements only to have them fail to achieve their intended purpose. That thought is even more concerning when you consider how commercial landscaping reflects on corporate image.

That’s why it’s important to partner with a trusted firm with proven results. Since 2009, we’ve been focused on beautifying the exterior image of companies across Florida. The go-to resource for tree service near Tampa, we offer a variety of landscape expertise. That includes water management, landscape maintenance and enhancement, lawn and shrub fertilization, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your business landscape into a welcoming environmental oasis.

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