How Landscape Design Impacts Your Corporate Image
How Landscape Design Impacts Your Corporate Image

Establishing and maintaining a sound corporate image is essential for success. That’s why you take pains to put forth an always-bright picture of your company’s exciting ventures.

That includes creating logos and visual materials (brochures, hand-outs, advertising) that are impactful and engaging. You have employees who closely monitor online reviews and social media posts to ensure a consistently stellar customer experience. You might even schedule regular corporate-sponsored volunteer involvement to reflect a positive image in the community. Shouldn’t your commercial landscape be sending the same powerful message?

Effective landscaping affects morale and productivity. In this article, you’ll learn how to create commercial landscaping that attracts clients and team members, and produces a positive community outlook.

Positive Appearance

If a prospective employee arrived for an interview with unkempt hair, dirty clothes, and a boorish or disinterested attitude, that candidate would be highly unlikely to get past the front door. However, lackluster commercial landscaping plays that scenario out in reverse. Clients and employees are put off by sloppy (or non-existent) corporate landscape design.

By contrast, presenting a visual image of pleasing plants and flowers, manicured lawns, and impressive hardscape features demonstrates your business cares about its image. Further, landscaping elements that conserve water and energy showcase a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sleek and modern commercial landscaping that’s elegant and inviting sends a welcoming and attractive message that your company knows the value of outstanding appearance and stellar visual representation.

Social and Safety Benefits

Well-planned and implemented corporate landscape design that’s visually-appealing and enticing also promotes social interaction. That means clients will spend more time onsite learning about mutually-beneficial business deals, and team members will discuss and collaborate during breaks. Both situations boost bonding and contribute to increased morale, efficiency, and output.

In terms of safety, there are many commercial landscaping elements that improve security, including:

  • nighttime lighting
  • well-defined pedestrian walkways
  • tree and shrub-covered areas and natural barriers to discourage loitering
  • fire-suppressing vegetation

 In addition, regular maintenance of your Jacksonville, Florida landscaping prevents situations of damage and injury.

Improved Health

Show your dedication to the health and wellness of your clients and team members by creating a corporate landscape design full of lush greenery, soothing colors, and other elements fashioned to stimulate the senses.

People are naturally drawn to clean, well-groomed, inviting areas where they can relax, engage in conversation, conduct business, or simply enjoy a sunny day outside. In addition, when people gather together, the likelihood for cordial interaction and friendship increases, which translates to increased morale, productivity, and the potential for new and sustained business.

Lasting Impression

Positive experiences make us all want to go back for more. That means when visitors and employees feel comfortable and welcomed on your corporate property, they’ll look forward to each subsequent visit. However, this benefit doesn’t happen by magic. Instead, it takes consistent maintenance and attention-to-detail to continually exhibit outstanding commercial landscape designs.

Since 2009, we’ve helped companies across Florida create visual outdoor havens. The premier of all landscaping companies in Jacksonville, Florida, we’re adept at all landscape aspects (construction, enhancement, maintenance), as well as tree care, fertilization, water management, and more. Contact us today to transform your company’s commercial landscaping into something that will make a positive and lasting impression.



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