Landscaping Solutions to Save Time, Money, and Water
Landscaping Solutions to Save Time, Money, and Water

The ideal climate of the Sunshine State makes it easy for unique and stunning flowers, shrubs, and trees to grow and thrive. Along with their natural beauty, people benefit from the oxygen-producing greenery. In addition, mental health experts say just being around natural elements boosts mental and physical health and improves productivity and morale.

Given this, it’s no wonder that more companies are choosing to incorporate landscaping around commercial buildings and places of business. Still, there are important factors that must be considered before giving the green light to any landscaping project.

Here’s how you can save time, money, and water through commercial landscaping in Florida:

Choose Efficient Landscape Designs

Along with cost-effective solutions, you want a landscaper who has water-efficiency in mind. Not only does water conservation contribute to cost savings, it demonstrates your company’s commitment to environmental awareness and the reduction of wasted resources.

A skilled and qualified expert in landscaping services in Jacksonville, Florida can install a rain sensor on your corporate property that will automatically shut down irrigation systems during a downpour. Our trusted and reputable company can also make necessary adjustments to your irrigation controller, which regulates water output based on current climate conditions.    

Another method by which to conserve water is to reduce lawn space. Many companies have adopted novel landscaping solutions that include rock or sand ground cover, as well as seating areas where employees can relax on breaks or eat lunch at a shaded concrete patio location.

Select Drought-Tolerant and Native Plants

Another way to reduce water use is opting for organic material that can survive in dry conditions. For instance, shallow-rooted plants (hydrangea, azalea, rhododendron) require more water than other options. Our skilled and qualified landscape technicians can help you select plants, shrubs, and trees designed to grow and thrive in the hot Florida sun.

In fact, trees provide an excellent source of shade and protection from the elements. In addition, eye-catching trees can perfectly complement the architecture of your company building — creating interest in and observation of your corporate activities and community engagement goals.

Practice Proper Maintenance

Many people are in the dark when it comes to the correct length to mow a lawn. No business wants to reflect a shoddy presence, however cutting grass too short can inhibit re-growth, encourage weeds, and even result in unsightly brown spots.

When you invest in commercial landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida, you get the peace of mind that qualified landscaping experts pay close attention to details that will keep the lawn in front of your business healthy and lush green. In addition, we make the best use of natural fertilizers, promoting long-term lawn care.

Get Expert Assistance

For nearly 10 years, we’ve delighted customers across Florida with innovative commercial landscaping solutions. Employing more than 400 full-time professionals, we’re proud to serve more than 100 corporations throughout the Sunshine State.

Our full-service company is well-versed in all aspects of commercial landscaping. From design and construction, landscaping enhancements, maintenance, water management, tree care, and more, we can help your business create a welcoming and inclusive ambiance.

Contact us today to get started on personalized landscaping ideas for your commercial property.

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