Happy Thanksgiving: Gratitude for Natural Beauty and Beyond
Happy Thanksgiving: Gratitude for Natural Beauty and Beyond

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, we think it’s a great time to kick back, relax, and take some time to remember what you’re most thankful for.

We will be doing the same! Below, we’re sharing a few of the things that we, as a landscaping team, are thankful for every day. Take a look.

Welcome weather changes

Sometimes, a change in the weather happens right when you need it the most. Whether it’s the first sunny day following a week of downpours, or, on the other hand, a much-welcome shower to break up a dry spell, unexpected changes in the weather help keep our surroundings healthy and that much more beautiful.

Florida fall

There’s nothing quite like a Florida fall. When the humidity’s down and the air is just cool enough to call for your favorite sweater, spending time outdoors is more comfortable than ever. That isn’t even to mention the beautiful vistas that characterize this time of year: clear, picturesque blue skies and the trees’ faint change of hue. It might not be quite as obvious a change as you’d find in New England, but it’s an experience that’s uniquely Florida—one that we’re thankful for all the same!

Animal visitors

Florida is known for its abundance of animals, especially its bevy of birds who love to swoop down and say “hello” every once in a while. Seeing them isn’t just a beloved pastime for “birders” who enjoy the state’s species variety—when they spend time around your home or even business landscape, it’s a sign that your space is healthy and welcoming to them. It’s a win-win, of course, because their friendly chirps help liven up the space.

The clients we serve

Of course, one of the things we’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving is you! When we can help a client achieve the landscape of their dreams, or simply make outdoor maintenance one less thing they need to worry about, it’s a great feeling. Turning visions into beautiful, functional realities is why we love doing what we do—and when you’re happy, it makes the job that much more fulfilling. So thank you!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and lots of fun!

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