5 Simple New Year’s Landscaping Resolutions for Your Company
5 Simple New Year’s Landscaping Resolutions for Your Company

The New Year is right around the corner!

This 2018, design a new environment for your employees and guests by improving your landscaping. Thankfully, there are five simple ways you can.

1. Lower your environmental impact

Since corporations employ a large amount a people, they tend to use more resources. In doing so, companies may severely harm the local environment. Business can lower the risk with consistent and effective landscaping, including better water management, implementing the right tree care and landscape maintenance. With the proper landscaping, businesses can improve the environment and lower their negative impact.
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2. Lower your costs and increase conservation

Did you know you can lower costs with effective landscaping management? For instance, Florida receives plenty of rainwater throughout the year. Although you may not use it all in a day, what if you could? With the right management, a business can use rainwater to its fullest potential. Another example – the right tree care management. Unmaintained trees can cause huge damage and increase costs during hurricane season. A maintained landscape certainly leads to smart savings.

3. Add a food garden

It’s a growing trend for businesses! If space is available, employees, guests, and volunteers can grow gardens where herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be shared, donated or used for employee events. Adding a food garden will beautify your landscape, engage your employees positively and increase your corporate reputation.

4. Create a green social space

Overall, people love gardens. In fact, there have been studies that show nature relieves stress and makes people happier. Employees and customers will admire a nice landscaped area to relax in. In creating a green space, you’ll give employees a small area to take refuge during the busy times, helping them decrease stress and be more effective at their jobs. You can also use the space for employee events and outings.

5. In fact, hold an annual garden day for employees.

It helps to teach your employees what it takes to keep the Earth green and how your company’s landscaping is helping the environment and lowering costs. By involving employees, you’ll spark ideas to add more to your landscape and inspire them to do the same at their homes.

Ready to get started? If you have any questions, call us! We’re here to help you create the best experiences you can with your business’s landscape.

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