Eye-Catching Corporate Landscape Ideas for the Season
Eye-Catching Corporate Landscape Ideas for the Season

As temperatures cool across Florida, more people are venturing outside for shopping, dining, or simply completing errands. That translates to an increased business potential for your company. Still, aesthetics play a major role in whether or not people will venture into your business. In addition, image is still important when it comes to solid client and employee relations.

Over the years, it’s likely you’ve tried many methods to attract customers and prospective team members. But did you know that there are a few tried-and-true methods that get results every time? Use this advice to make your company’s building stand out above the rest.

Make an Impression with Entryways

Like the cliché says: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That means customers and co-workers alike judge your company from the moment they set their eyes on your building’s exterior. If you don’t wow them up front, there’s a chance people could lose interest and move on to a competitor. Thankfully, you can avoid that potential scene.

Start with a stand-out sign that clearly indicates your business name and industry. Beyond the sign, colorful flowers and interesting plants add an element of intrigue. Plus, there’s a wide variety of seasonal foliage in Florida. Changing things up in this way will keep your building looking sharp throughout the year. Begin the process by contacting a firm well-versed with creative commercial landscaping in Florida.

Next, consider adding elements of varied height and dimension. That includes gentle slopes that can hide parking lots/nearby buildings that are an eyesore. Retaining walls serve dual-purpose, holding back stormwater while at the same time maintaining an artistic focal point.

Create Interesting Seating Areas

Clients and customers will be encouraged to linger and increase their patronage when you provide comfortable and elegant areas in which to relax and unwind. If you have a corporate office, team members will appreciate a safe space where they can congregate to enjoy an outdoor lunch, network with co-workers, and simply feel more connected to the workplace.

Begin with a stylish patio. This defined space creates ambiance while discouraging people from straying to areas of your property that are off-limits. When you surround your corporate patio with seasonal flowers and compelling vegetation, you set the stage for an enjoyable experience.

This space is also an ideal spot to lend festive flair. Employees and guests to your business will be impressed by your style and attention to detail. This could translate into increased sales and opportunities for improved business relationships. That’s the power of Jacksonville, Florida landscaping.

Stand Out at Night

When other office buildings go dark at quitting time, you can keep your company in the public’s eye all night long by incorporating innovative lighting ideas.

Illuminate featured palm trees and interesting landscape elements around your property. Showcase the architecture of your building with strategically-placed spotlights. During this time of year, another popular idea is to string holiday lights from trees, across entryways, and elsewhere in and around your building.

Some business owners are concerned about the increased utility cost with extra lighting. The fact is, LED options and other innovative ideas reduce cost while still enabling you to fully embrace this stellar feature. The first step is to partner with a Florida landscaping company who cares and can help make your intriguing ideas a reality.

Focus on Year-Round Beauty

As mentioned, the Sunshine State boasts a wealth of eye-catching native flowers and plants. Many of these selections are hardy and low-maintenance. That means guests to your business will always enjoy the seasonal beauty your commercial landscaping provides.

Since 2009, we’ve been proud of our role in the beautification of countless corporate locations across Florida. Our innovative property enhancement solutions are an ideal match for companies and organizations of any size. That’s partly how we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the best landscaping companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

Along with landscape design and construction, we also offer maintenance, lawn, and shrub fertilization, water management and more. We’re well-known and well-respected as the premier resource for Tampa landscape design. Contact us today to learn more about the ease and affordability of stand-out commercial landscape design. 

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