Make a Great First Impression with These Commercial Landscape Tips
Make a Great First Impression with These Commercial Landscape Tips

As a hands-on business leader, you know the importance of first impressions. More than just initial opinions, clients form lasting concepts of how your company conducts business and approaches its role in the community.

Even when you’ve worked hard to cover all bases, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what will stand out to each customer or potential employee. Some people get an idea about a business from the second they set eyes on the building grounds. That’s why creating stellar commercial landscape designs should be a priority. Here’s how to get started:

Focus on Branding

When clients and employees visit your property, what do you most want them to see? Many business owners embrace the concept of powerful branding from the very beginning. For instance, drab signage rarely gets attention. By contrast, when you install flowers with vibrant colors and interesting hardscapes, customers and team members know they’ve arrived at a serious company.

Sometimes, people won’t have time to stop or hadn’t even planned to encounter your company. Drawing attention to your signage is like free promotion and advertising. Adding contact information (including a website address) could lead to increased business down the line.

When the sun sets, strategic lighting helps your business name shine bright throughout the evening. Take night-time aesthetics to a new level by partnering with a reliable firm well-versed in Jacksonville, Florida landscaping.

Create a Grand Entrance

REALTORs® often comment on “curb appeal” for residential properties. The same concept applies for visitors to your business. Especially in the case of new clients or prospective employees, if something seems off with the exterior of your building, people will formulate negative opinions on what happens inside the office.

However, when you focus on commercial landscaping in Orlando and throughout the Sunshine State, you can direct a stable and positive experience each time someone stops by. This consistency helps build trust and familiarity with your business.  

In addition, everyone enjoys spending time in and around a location that’s inviting, eye-catching, and creates a pleasant ambiance. Innovative commercial landscaping encourages clients and employees to spend more time at your business. 

Make Meeting Spaces

To that end, you might choose to design creative spaces where clients and co-workers can mingle and conduct business. Especially in retail and food service environments, the more time people are in and around your building, the more money they’re prone to spend.

Of course, you don’t want people to just lounge around without investigating what you have to offer inside. However, comfortable and serene outdoor spaces set the stage for improved business relationships.

This is also a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to environmental preservation. Walk the talk by showing how your business is a steward of nature. Along with plants and flowers, trees can make a lasting impact. Reach out to a dependable tree service near Tampa to get started. 

Keep Current with Regular Maintenance

While they say you “never get a second chance to make a first impression,” it’s possible to sustain a positive corporate image by keeping the grounds of your office building pristine and welcoming all year round. Especially in the hot and humid Florida summers where weeds seem to grow by the minute, staying on top of commercial landscaping is essential.

Still, while you’re focused on the growth and prosperity of your company, what’s happening outside isn’t always top of mind. That’s when you’ll benefit from a trusted and reputable commercial landscape firm.

For years, we’ve helped business owners across Florida dramatically improve the exterior beauty of their corporate buildings. Our services include landscape design and construction, maintenance, lawn and shrub fertilization, water management, and more. This diverse assistance has earned us a solid reputation as one of the premier landscaping companies in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today to improve your company’s landscape. 

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