3 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas
3 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Visiting your company’s building should be a consistently pleasant experience. Regardless of what brings people to your location, creative commercial landscape design has the power to make them feel welcome and respected.

In addition, the exterior of your building can showcase a commitment to environmental prosperity, your company’s attention to detail, a focus on client and team member comfort, and more.

These days, anything you can do to make your company stand out above the competition is worth pursuing. That includes creating and maintaining impressive landscape design in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the region. Read on to discover other benefits of innovative commercial landscaping.  

1) Memorable Entrances

Think about businesses that you’ve visited in the past few months, including office buildings, hotels, restaurants and shops, and other locales. What struck you about the building’s exterior? While it might take some time to remember, there’s usually a good reason why your eyes were attracted to certain elements above others.

Now’s your chance to create a similar positive impression for the clients, team members, and prospective employees who visit your business. Get started through creative use of color. Meandering pathways to the front door create interest. You might also choose to add outdoor design elements that allow people to gather and relax. That includes tables and chairs, benches, and more.

Highlight your company name and sign by making it a centerpiece of your landscape design. At night, keep the focus on signage by adding aesthetic lighting. You might even choose alternating colored lights for a soothing sight.

By incorporating items that are both functional and fashionable in this way, you boost the positive professional image of your company. The best way to get started is to team with a reputable Florida landscaping company that can help you devise innovative ideas for exterior beautification.

2) Hardscape Elements  

You might have noticed hardscape elements around local businesses. The best examples seamlessly complement natural landscaping additions. Not only does hardscaping look good, but it can also serve a purpose.

For example, a low wall can be used as a bench when customers and/or co-workers meet outside in the pleasant Florida sun. There are also many functional aspects of hardscapes that make them irresistible to many business leaders.

Hardscaping naturally deters weeds and pests. It can also help retain water and encourage desired growth patterns. Still, it’s important to note that not all hardscape ideas work in all locales. That’s why it’s wise to reach out to a firm well versed with commercial landscaping in Florida. Skilled and qualified professionals can help you select the best hardscape elements for your specific desires and requirements. 

3) Trends and New Concepts  

As mentioned, functional landscape spaces are both efficient and aesthetic. In addition, many professionals today are committed to wellness. They’ll appreciate a safe outdoor space in which to exercise or simply commune with nature while at work.

Other trends that have grown in popularity in recent years include a focus on energy-efficiency, drought-tolerant flowers and plants, and more. You likely have your own ideas about what works best for your company and the overall corporate image for which you strive.

For nearly a decade, we’ve helped beautify companies across the Sunshine State. Specializing in landscape design, construction, and maintenance, we also offer a variety of other services, including lawn and shrub fertilization, tree care, and more. Through the years, we’ve built a solid reputation for providing stellar landscaping services in Jacksonville, Florida and across the state. Contact us today to bring a new level of outdoor beauty and function to your business.

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