4 Business Benefits of Hardscaping
4 Business Benefits of Hardscaping

Similar to the curb appeal concept popular in residential real estate, commercial landscaping in Florida has the power to attract interest in not only a company’s exterior but also the business functions performed inside. When people notice attention-to-detail on the outside grounds, they gain a positive perspective of the entire business.

One aspect growing in popularity is hardscaping. This involves incorporating man-made features into the overall landscape design, such as pathways, fountains, small bridges, and decks. Patios and paved areas are also part of this category. Popular hardscape materials include wood, stone and gravel, brick and concrete, natural boulders, and even metal and pottery.

Here’s how adding hardscape features to your commercial landscaping benefits your company’s image and reputation:

1) Efficiency Meets Elegance

Hardscapes are naturally low maintenance. This reduces the necessity for watering, pruning, and mowing. That means professional landscapers won’t be required to spend as much time on your company property. This saves you money and also contributes to a pristine, untouched appearance for employees and business clients.

Less organic material also reduces the amount of water used. Another money-saving feature, this also demonstrates corporate commitment to environmentally-friendly endeavors. In addition, hardscaping makes it possible to add dimension to the property, offering an aesthetically-appealing view and creating a positive first impression.

Less space dedicated to flowers, plants, and trees also opens a wealth of possibilities that can directly benefit clients and employees. These include outdoor seating/meeting zones, eye-catching natural displays, and areas where team building activities can be hosted.

2) Improved Accessibility

Offering employees, clients, and guests easy access to your commercial property is essential. When people are forced to go out of their way or are otherwise inconvenienced, they get a negative impression of the company. In some cases, complicated and confusing entryways cause people to leave the premises without having satisfied their business concerns.

Hardscaping helps to prevent this unfortunate scenario by offering people alternative means by which to access your property and explore the outside grounds. At the same time, creative hardscaping and landscaping services in Jacksonville, Florida can improve privacy by obscuring the view to building areas where confidential matters are being reviewed.  

3) Affordability and Durability

It’s a fact that the Florida sun can sometimes be harsh. Particularly in the summer months, organic elements of your commercial landscape (plants, trees, shrubs) are subject to stress. This causes much of the material to wilt and even die.

By contrast, hardscape features are virtually impervious to the elements. That means your landscaping budget won’t be constantly depleted due to repairs or replacement. In addition, hardscaping naturally blends into its surroundings, preventing an artificial or out-of-place appearance.

4) Easy to Implement and Maintain

Though hardscaping has recently become a buzzword used in some business and social circles, the fact is that elements of this design have been used for decades. There’s a good reason for that. Natural stone and other hardscape elements are among the most striking landscaping materials available.

For nearly 10 years, we’ve been proud to partner with companies across Florida dedicated to improving the exterior appeal of their properties. A trusted and dependable landscaping service near Orlando, we also have locations in Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota, and West Palm.

Contact us today to discover how adding hardscape features can take your commercial landscaping to the next level.

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