Measuring the ROI of Your Commercial Landscape
Measuring the ROI of Your Commercial Landscape

Like a new product line or marketing campaign, your commercial landscape is an investment that’s sure to improve your business. It’s something you can count on, a meaningful way to make a difference inside and out—literally!

You know that a good landscape can help your business. Just one question remains, then…by how much?

While your landscape’s return on investment, or ROI, might not be quite as easy to quantify as other business measures, it’s certainly there—even science says so.

Read on as we explore the multifold benefits of investing in a commercial landscape.

Bang for your buck

As the years pass, your products’ prices often do, too. As a business owner, you may often worry about whether or not your customers will embrace the change—but in this case, a good landscape can put those worries to rest. According to a study performed by the University of Washington, customers are willing to spend 9 percent more on retail when they’re shopping for products in “forested business districts,” and up to 12 percent more when those districts are in large cities. In other words, embrace the power of trees! They might just help you enjoy a little more confidence while doing business.

More through the door

In addition to letting you price your products and services with confidence, a good commercial landscape can also help get more people through the door—resulting in more business and, thus, a greater ROI. The same study found that “Potential shoppers claim they are willing to travel more often, for longer amounts of time, and over greater distances to shop in a retail district containing trees, and once arriving will spend more time there.”

That’s great news for anyone who has ever felt like their business was too “out of the way” to be popular. According to the study, having a close proximity to your clients doesn’t matter if your landscape is beautiful, functional and enjoyable for your customers.

Net community benefit

Overall, successful commercial landscapes contribute to successful communities—a cycle that helps both local residents and business owners. According to the University of Washington study, homes within a quarter mile of “excellent commercial corridors” were priced at 23 percent more than other homes. When home values are up, you can often bet that business is, too—so even if this branch of your ROI is a little harder to map out to the “t,” you can rest assured knowing it’s there.

Like any good business decision, a new commercial landscape means big things for your company—now, let the team at Duval Landscape Maintenance prove it to you! We can help spruce up your space to deliver you the best possible ROI…and so much more.

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