Office, Meet the Great Outdoors
Office, Meet the Great Outdoors

From Google to Microsoft, some of the country’s biggest companies are making use of outdoor workspaces—and rightfully so!

Unlike traditional office setups, outdoor ones embrace peace, tranquility, and collaboration—bringing together employees from different teams and departments, in a place where doors don’t keep out big ideas.

Your corporate space has a lot to gain from adding outdoor “overflow,” spare space for group projects, power lunches and everything in between. Read on to learn more about how you can achieve it in your corporate landscape!

Start simple

You might “ooh” and “ah” at Microsoft’s unique treehouse offices—but you don’t need a complex design plan to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor office. Just start somewhere! Even if you don’t have much space to work with, the addition of benches and more pedestrian-friendly walkways is always a good place to start. Just focus on making the space you do have on hand, more usable, and you’ll already be off to a great start.

Keep weather in mind

Weather is always a big consideration, especially here in Florida—where day-to-day differences in temperature, humidity and precipitation can affect your ability to work outdoors. Account for likelihoods like bright midday sunshine and summertime showers. Leafy foliage (or plant life that works with existing overhead structures) can help shield against the sun, for example, making working outdoors much more enjoyable.

Do more with depth

Have several different elevations to work with, but not much square footage? Depth design can be your friend! Consider adding beautifully-landscaped steps to your space, so employees and guests can move up and down (or even stop for a snack or quick read on the steps) without requiring much area to work with. Even without adding physical square footage to your property, the space you do have will end up feeling that much more intentional and well-planned.

Showcase beautiful views

Beautiful outdoor views are inspiring… in many cases, they’re what drew you to the property in the first place! Embrace them by framing those iconic vistas (waterfronts, lush tree clusters, etc.) with benches, tables, and a simple collection of features that will draw guests and employees in to enjoy the sight.

Interaction is key

Above all, make your “outdoor office” interactive! It shouldn’t just be something to look at, but to immerse yourself in, too. Consider adding walkways, miniature squares with picnic space, and a variety of seating options (from traditional benches to more casual reclined varieties) to make your commercial landscape a place that’s as interactive and collaborative as the company that calls it “home.”

For your business or corporate park, the “outdoor office” has never been more attainable. Call Duval Landscape today to add one to your commercial landscape today.

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