Embracing an On-Trend Landscape
Embracing an On-Trend Landscape

Your commercial landscape is more than grass, shrubs and trees—just like every area of your business, it has the potential to change with the times and reflect modern trends and attitudes.

Really, one landscape can do that much? Yes! Inspired by up-and-coming trends we’re seeing in commercial landscaping, as well as those predicted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, we’re taking a look at the months ahead—and you can design your landscape to be ahead of the curve. Just read on.

Cooler spaces

One trend we’re excited to see more of—here in Florida, especially—is an abundance of cooler landscapes. Not visually cool (though we love those, too!) but physically cool, made so through the combination of factors like shade, water features and more.

When your landscaping team takes into account the natural movement of the sun, too, they can more aptly create a space that works with daily temperature changes to its benefit.

Aerial artwork

While your commercial landscape might not be making the cover of “Drone Magazine” any time soon, it never hurts to be prepared! The increased usage of drones to capture stunning landscapes across the globe means that more people are seeing a bird’s eye view than ever before. You can make sure your space is looking picture-perfect, from all angles, by arranging for regular maintenance that keeps trees and shrubbery neat, and never overgrown. Your landscape team can also help you keep your grass as green and rich as possible, so your landscape looks as good from the sky as it does from the ground.

Those who pay special attention to aerial views might also enjoy shaping their space (its shrubbery, bushes and walkways) based on the view from above. You wouldn’t be the first to embrace this fun brand of design—South Florida’s Sawgrass Mills Mall, for example, roughly resembles the shape of an alligator when viewed from the sky.

What can we say? Designing a landscape with both angles in minds simply adds another fun dimension to the process. Your landscape doesn’t need to be especially complex to fit the bill, though—when you put time and care into creating a gorgeous space from the ground-up, beautiful aerial views can’t help but follow.

According to NALP…

More than a landscape

The NALP predicted “experiential landscape design” for 2018, and we’re right on board! Whether you run an office park or shopping center, your landscape—no matter how simple—should offer room for interactivity. Is there room to walk or jog around? Do guests feel comfortable enough to sit down and enjoy lunch or a group brainstorm session? When they do, your landscape (and, in turn, business) becomes that much more enjoyable and attractive to guests new and old.

Keeping climate in mind

One functional trend of modern landscapes, according to NALP? Spaces that keep climate in mind! Last year showed us just how unpredictable weather can be, proving the need for landscapes that can withstand rough weather by causing (and receiving) minimal environmental damage in the process.

For help with achieving these trends and more, call Duval Landscape Maintenance today! We’re excited to help modernize your space and pave the way for trendsetting design now and throughout the year.


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