How to Make Your Commercial Property Shine at Night
How to Make Your Commercial Property Shine at Night

As a business owner, you know that image is important. From client interaction to promotional and advertising presentation and many other factors, maintaining a consistently-positive impression is essential to long-term success.

Still, some decision makers overlook the importance of exterior aesthetics — specifically how commercial landscaping impacts the viewpoint that both employees and clients have of the company.  

Since you can’t pinpoint when and how people will notice your corporate location, it’s paramount to create a striking and memorable appearance at all times. Here’s how to improve the nighttime look of your commercial property:

Consider Environmental Aspects

Though summertime features late sunsets, evening’s darkness approaches sooner during Florida’s fall and winter months. In some areas, it will be dark outside before employees leave for the day. In addition, storms can quickly produce dark clouds any time of year.

Summer storms also bring torrential rain. That’s why it’s wise to select landscaping elements designed to eliminate or reduce puddles and stagnant water around your commercial property. In dry conditions, certain plants and grasses can be installed to block the spread of potential wildfire.

A qualified and knowledgeable commercial landscaper well-versed in Sarasota landscaping and other Florida regions can offer guidance and advice on how best to address concerns specific to your company’s locale.

Install Multi-Purpose Lighting

Effective commercial landscaping in Florida addresses both safety and security goals. From a safety standpoint, lighting illuminates walkways and creates safe gathering spaces for team members and clients. In addition, ample light in and near parking lots helps everyone safely navigate the path to their vehicles.

Such lighting also discourages nefarious activity. Criminals naturally seek out dark areas where they can go unnoticed. The potential for discovery is a deterrent to those with ill intent.

Choosing lights in different colors produces interest and attraction to your commercial property. Pleasing hues of blues, purples, and other soft colors present an inviting and soothing feel.

In addition, accent lighting draws attention to novel aspects of your commercial landscaping. These innovative elements can spark a memorable moment for clients and employees alike, particularly when it’s dark outside.  

Choose Striking Night Elements

Just as some plants and flowers delight in the full sunlight, there are others that are virtually tailored to evening display. That includes lamb’s ear, meadow rue, star jasmine, brachycome, and more.

In addition, other vegetation and hardscape selections can produce a pleasing and aesthetic effect. When you partner with a trusted and reputable landscaping service near Orlando, you can devise novel commercial landscaping ideas and techniques to make your corporate property stand out from other nearby buildings.

Take a Wholistic Approach

Impactful commercial landscaping focuses on both details and the total picture. For example, selecting interesting vegetation and hardscape elements can make a sound impression. Expand on that impact by creating a larger plan where trees, shrubs, flowers, walkways, entrances, and other landscaping elements all work in concert to produce a memorable effect.

As a business owner, it’s understandable that you’re kept busy with the day-to-day operations of your company. That’s why it’s beneficial to team with professionals who are experts at landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida and across the Sunshine State.

For nearly a decade, we’ve assisted business decision makers across Florida to develop and implement outstanding commercial landscapes to enhance corporate image and function. Featuring six locations throughout the state, it’s easy and affordable to partner with our award-winning organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your commercial property shine: all day, every day.

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