Central Florida Commercial Landscaping: DIY or Don’t?
Central Florida Commercial Landscaping: DIY or Don’t?

When it comes to maintaining your commercial landscape, when is it right to “DIY”—and when are you better off seeking some support?

While doing it yourself works well for an abundance of projects, it may not always be the answer for your landscaping needs. Below, take a look at five such scenarios that might warrant the help of a professional landscaping team.

Power washing

When you have a surface that needs some heavy-duty cleanup, it’ll likely take more than a garden hose to get the job done. While the task at hand may seem like a simple one (it’s just water, right?), the mechanics of power washing can actually take many DIY landscapers by surprise. The stream of water is strong, and learning to safely control it doesn’t always come naturally.

The takeaway here? Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! Electing for professional power washing can help you enjoy a stress-free cleanup process.

Tree trimming

If there are trees on your property that are old and decaying, or simply need a quick trim, it’s always smart to seek out professional tree care from a landscaping team you trust. Why? First off, it can save you an unnecessary hassle or losing a tree that doesn’t need to be cut down. (Sometimes, removing branches can preserve the rest of the tree, for example.)

Tree trimming also warrants professional help because it’s a tough job. It requires you to work at large heights with heavy equipment you may not be familiar with. In light of this, why not leave this job to the pros? We have the specialized tools and experience needed to help!

Irrigation repair

Whether you have a faulty sprinkler or landscape drainage problems, irrigation issues are tough to tackle. Often times, the problem is caused by something you can’t quite see on the surface, requiring a more specialized knowledge of how your property’s water management works.

Get it right the first time with a team who’s seen it all, and can quickly (and accurately) work to meet your irrigation needs.


Your property’s hardscape encompasses the stones, signs, sidewalks, and other non-living features of your outdoor space. When it comes to maintaining them, you’ll want a professional team on your side to help keep those features looking and operating at their best.

Storm cleanup

Debris cleanup is a fact of life after big summer storms. While small limbs, pieces of litter, and other debris can be picked up with ease, you may want to seek out professional help for the bigger messes (fallen trees, for example), since they aren’t always so safe or simple to remove.

For these projects and more, both big and small, Duval Landscape is here to help! Call us today to see how we can help you achieve a landscape that looks good… no hassle required.

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