5 Big Benefits of Commercial Hardscapes
5 Big Benefits of Commercial Hardscapes

1) Safety and Accessibility

Both functional and fashionable, hardscape items do double duty. For instance, adding a walkway is a great method to direct traffic. You can highlight areas where you want people to travel, and make clear those places that are off limits.

In addition, walkways reduce the chance of trip and fall accidents caused by uneven ground. Plus, installing these paths demonstrate your company’s commitment to accessibility for all employees, clients, and visitors.

Another popular option is decorative retaining walls. These artistic structures discourage people from wandering into restricted areas. They’re also useful for other purposes, such as containing stormwater and debris.

2) Team Building and Enhanced Morale

In-office breakrooms are a welcomed convenience. Still, the Sunshine State’s climate is favorable most every day of the year, and many of your employees crave an outdoor area where they can enjoy snacks and meals, take a break from work, and connect with their fellow team members.

When you add a patio, outdoor seating area, or create a similar inclusive environment outside, you encourage workers to get some fresh air and soak up the sun. Health experts contend daily outdoor time contributes to a better mood, heightened focus, and increased productivity.

Plus, hardscape elements such as those mentioned show your employees that you view them more as integral members of a dynamic team, rather than just workers.

3) Better Landscape Management

Despite your best efforts, there may be areas of your building’s exterior that appear patchy or otherwise out of tune with the rest of your landscape design. Perhaps one part of the property gets full sun all day. Or maybe a shady a tree inhibits vegetation growth. Adding hardscape elements can efficiently solve these problems.

Hardscapes are naturally low-maintenance and are excellent at reducing or eliminating erosion. Plus, they’re the perfect complement to the natural aspects of your landscape design. When you work with a skilled and qualified company well-versed with landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll get the perfect balance to make your building’s exterior stand out from the crowd.       

4) Improved Property Value  

Incorporating hardscape into your company’s Florida landscape design is a great way to show pride of ownership. Doing so demonstrates that you care not only about your own building, but the surrounding area, as well.

Whether you plan to stay at your current location for years or are eyeing a move in the near future, commercial hardscape is a sound investment that can easily boost your company’s property value.

5) Professional Appearance and Positive Impression

Good or bad, people judge your company from the moment they set eyes on the property. Make this first impression outstanding by creating a welcoming and eye-catching commercial landscape design.

Since 2009, we’ve helped business owners throughout Florida implement and improve their commercial landscape through innovative property enhancement solutions. The premier landscaping service in Orlando, we also have locations throughout the state.

Along with hardscapes, we specialize in:

  • landscape design, construction, and maintenance
  • lawn and shrub fertilization
  • tree care
  • water management
  • and more

Contact us today to discover how we can improve the look and function of your commercial property. 

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