5 Essentials of Impactful Florida Landscaping Design
5 Essentials of Impactful Florida Landscaping Design

Though subtle, Florida does have seasons. Certain flowers and plants grow best at set times. If your commercial landscaping doesn’t embrace seasonal trends, you risk appearing out of date or otherwise uninterested in keeping the exterior of your building pristine and welcoming.

Combat that impression by partnering with a reliable expert at commercial landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the Sunshine State. Read on to discover the keys to impressive landscape design at your company.

1) Make a Statement

You’ve heard people say that images can speak volumes above verbal speech. When viewed in pictures and even first-hand, your commercial landscape design has the power to make a connection with clients and team members alike.

In addition, innovative landscaping can convey a message. Perhaps you want to reflect a soothing and welcoming environment. Maybe you’ll demonstrate the hip and edgy style of your company. Partnering with a reputable landscaping service in Orlando is the first step to putting commercial landscape design to work for your business. 

2) Create Ambiance

Along with the mentioned ideas, people want to spend time around a company that reflects an inviting and inclusive atmosphere. Adding tables and chairs, benches, and/or low hardscape walls encourages people to spend more time and money at your business.

In addition, creative landscaping can direct people along dedicated pathways in a clear and respectful manner. It’s a win/win. Clients and employees won’t risk getting lost or hurt, and you can keep people away from private or unsafe exterior areas around your building. 

3) Capture Attention

As people are drawn into your creative landscape design, they’ll also gain a stronger appreciation for the building’s architecture. Many companies spend a great deal of time, effort, and expense in constructing buildings that feature interesting curves and elements of innovative structural design.

Meanwhile, customers and employees will be struck by your company’s vigilance to environmental preservation. Choosing water and energy-efficient vegetation and hardscapes demonstrates that you’re a business leader who sees the total picture and pays attention to the details. 

4) Embrace the Seasons  

As mentioned, there are ideal times throughout the year to showcase outstanding flowers and plants. By doing so, your Sarasota landscaping will really ‘pop’ and catch the eyes of people purposely visiting your business and those just passing by.

Working with your commercial landscaper, you can select and place elements that fully complement the existing beauty of your company’s building. That includes natural options of varying sizes, shapes, colors, and material. From there, adding a splash of seasonal interest is simple.

5) Consider Maintenance

Impressive commercial landscaping has the power to make a lasting and frequent impact when you pay close attention to regular upkeep. Teaming with a firm expert at landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the state is the first step to ensuring year-round maintenance and protection.

Since 2009, we’ve helped scores of business owners devise and implement creative commercial landscape design plans. Our other award-winning landscape services include lawn and shrub fertilization, tree care, water management, and more. Contact us today to discover how we can make the exterior of your business shine throughout the year.

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