How Commercial Landscaping Attracts and Retains Tenants
How Commercial Landscaping Attracts and Retains Tenants

As a dynamic business leader in touch with the latest trends and emerging industry standards, you know that today’s success depends largely on customer experience. But were you aware that tenant experience is equally as important? If small business owners aren’t happy with their current location, many will simply move their operations to another place. That could be devastating to your bottom line.

The trouble is, there are only so many perks you can offer before doing so becomes labor and cost-prohibitive. Thankfully, there are ways you can keep commercial tenants happy and still maintain a focus on growing your own business. It all starts with innovative Florida landscape design. Read on to learn how commercial landscaping can help your office building stand out from the crowd.

Shared Amenities

More small business owners today are seeking ways to offer a special experience to customers that simply can’t be found elsewhere. They know that the more time customers spend on site, the likelihood they’ll boost purchases greatly increases. So, putting yourself in a position to foster this growth makes sense.

The varied use of green spaces makes them an attractive option. Depending on the business, this area could be used for pet recreation, picnic/seating location, nature trails, and more. You could even create a professional community garden. Here’s a place where tenants can network and bond over a shared interest.

The main idea is to create an aesthetic commercial landscape design that both catches the eye and encourages customers to patronize the shops and restaurants in your office building and/or strip mall.

Inviting Entryways

The best restaurants, stores, office buildings, and strip malls have a common thread: they appeal to the clients and team members who frequent their locations. When you make a visually-striking first impression, it’s easy to follow up with the benefits of your specific products and services. The process starts by partnering with a firm well-versed in stellar landscaping in Orlando and across Florida.

Just like a well-decorated home entrance lends an inviting appeal, when you take the time and attention to present your office building in a pleasing manner, you create a positive corporate image that will stick with people for a long time.

Improved Safety and Security

Dark buildings with heavily-shaded areas are a haven for criminals. They know it’s easy in such locations to pull a fast heist and be on their way before anyone’s the wiser. By contrast, a well-maintained commercial landscape tells would-be crooks that the building owner has a vested interest in safeguarding the property. Go one step further and add nighttime lighting.

Your corporate tenants will appreciate the increased safety that your innovative commercial landscape design creates. In addition, green space and outdoor amenities radiate pleasant feelings of inclusion and protection.

Curb Appeal

Similar to how prospective homeowners select properties to pursue based largely on outward appearance, commercial landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the Sunshine State has the power to influence future clients and employees alike. When people driving by witness the attention to detail you’ve created around your building’s exterior, they get a positive impression that your company cares about more than just consistently-solid revenues.

Innovative landscape design also demonstrates a pride of ownership and commitment to community beautification. Those details aren’t lost on people who view your business location from the outside. When you invest in outstanding commercial landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida, clients and civic leaders see first-hand your connection to (and support of) your locale.

For nearly a decade, Duval Landscape Services has been a proven leader in exceptional landscape design. We take pride in consistently delivering unparalleled customer service, superior quality, and stand-out communication. That’s partly how we’ve built a strong reputation as one of the very best Orlando landscaping companies. Don’t wait another day. Now’s the time to take your corporate landscaping to a new level. Contact us to get started. 

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