5 Tips for Autumn Landscaping
5 Tips for Autumn Landscaping

There’s nothing better than fall in Florida, especially when it comes to your yard!

We’ve gathered all the best fall landscaping tips and insights from the experts at Duval Landscape and now we’re sharing them with you. Take a look!

Leverage your lawn

We all know how weather patterns effect the look of lawns, but the secret is, don’t alter your routine.

For us Floridians, our fall is almost an extended summer which is why you need to stick to your schedule. Water regularly to upkeep with the heavy heat and mow your lawn until it stops growing (which won’t be until deep winter months). Your lawn is what provides the most curb appeal so use it to your advantage!

Test your soil

Usually when the weather shifts from hot to cold your plants will need specific attention based on temperature and other weather conditions. Lucky for you - you don’t have to worry about that just yet.

Although our weather doesn’t change too much from summer to fall, it’s always important to test your soil each season. Fall is the perfect time for your plants to be full and healthy so make sure your soil is up to standards and feeding your plants properly.

Do some planning around planting

Falling leaves, fresh flowers, and crisp air – that’s what fall is all about right? Use this time to plan out your yard and landscaping so you can embrace all the season has to offer.

Consider which areas need to be filled in with new flowers, which areas need new mulch. There are plenty of plants that can withstand heat and harsh winters so go for perennials, that way you’re set for the present and future.

Pick your pumpkins

We all know how times flies so why not make the most of it while you can? After all, it’s never too early to indulge in your favorite season.

Head over to the pumpkin patch early. You can always save the carving for Halloween, but remember pumpkins are a staple when it comes to trendy fall landscaping. Place them by your front door, in large open areas between bushes, or even by your mailbox!

Hopefully, this blog gave you some great insights on how to spruce your yard up for fall or keep up the good work from summer. With school starting up again your schedules are busier now than ever before so call us to maintain your yard’s look. 

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