Your Commercial Landscape and Good Neighbor Day
Your Commercial Landscape and Good Neighbor Day

Good neighbors make the world go ‘round… and in honor of Good Neighbor Day on September 28th, we’re celebrating them!

So many qualities can make a person, or even a place, feel neighborly: a friendly smile, a helping hand, and yes… even a good landscape! Take a look below to see how the right landscape can solidify your spot in the neighborhood.

A cleaner community

Homeowners and business owners alike put lots of work into maintaining a clean, tidy space—so they naturally feel good when their neighbors do the same!

As a business owner, one of the things you can do to promote this kind of goodwill in your community is to simply keep up your surroundings. We can help with this step: clearing away debris, trimming overgrown branches and keeping grassy spaces well-manicured throughout the year. The result? A space that demonstrates your respect for the community and the people and businesses who share it!

A sign of dedication to your surroundings…

Time and time again, customers have shown that they like businesses who care about their customers, community, and the world at large. That often means working in green, eco-friendly ways. There are many ways to achieve this with your landscape: creating “rain gardens” that reduce runoff, for example, or designing walkways with recycled materials. Of course, those are just a few ideas! The bottom line is that a greener landscape is good for the environment as a whole—and what better way to be a good neighbor than to care for the biggest community of all?

… and a way to distinguish yourself, too

Of course, the same things that make you a good neighbor (a clean space, a dedication to bettering the community, etc.) make for a good business, too. You can use your landscape to set a precedent for growing businesses in the area and to distinguish yours in the process with designs and practices that help you stand out in a big way.

Your business isn’t just a business—it’s a part of the neighborhood! We hope that today’s blog helps you design a space that feels like home for customers old and new.

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