Animals and Landscaping: Preserving Natural Habitats
Animals and Landscaping: Preserving Natural Habitats

Your commercial landscape is a place to relax, to shop, to reflect the ideals of your company. But to the critters who dwell in your trees, grass, bushes and flowers, it’s also a home!

Wondering how to best coexist with the natural residents of your space? We can help—it’s what we do! Take a look at today’s blog to learn more.

The benefit of natural cover

One of the simplest ways to help the critters on your property is to give them sources of natural cover where they kind find shelter and stay safe from the elements. This might be anything from trees to rows of shrubbery.

From a stylistic standpoint, the best benefit of this kind of cover is that it breaks up wide, flat spaces like your lawn with something of visual (and dimensional) interest.

Embrace native species

Native plant life always comes with the advantage of working well with native animal species, because the two groups have an already-established system, a knack for benefiting from one another. By opting for these plant species, you can better accommodate the natural ecosystem with minimal disruption. As an added benefit, the native plants that work best for animals also typically work best for the health and growth of your landscape itself—so you can count on healthy, thriving trees, grass, flowers, and more.

Why water?

We need water to live—and our animal friends do, too! Water is a natural option for adding a cool, reflective and serene touch to your landscape. It can also help sustain local animal populations, even if it comes in the form of a small pond or fountain.

Building up

In commercial landscaping, we always like to build upward in addition to laterally. It helps create depth in your space, while drawing visual interest to the entirety of your property. Doing so can also help native animal populations, such as birds, continue to live peacefully and find shelter, food, and other resources with ease.

As your dedicated landscaping team, we don’t just focus on creating spaces that “wow”—we work to make them exist, harmoniously, with the world that surrounds them, too.

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