Hitting the Open Road: Why Roadway Landscapes Matter
Hitting the Open Road: Why Roadway Landscapes Matter


Quality landscapes aren’t just for homes, shopping centers, or your business park. They can help make roads safer (and a lot prettier) too!

At Duval Landscape, we happily serve the needs of city streets, highways, and DOT projects for the sake of improving the roads we drive every day.

Wondering how the right landscape can improve your daily commute? Take a look at today’s blog to learn more.

Clearing the path

One of the most important aspects of roadway landscaping is, of course, safety. Our goal is to frame spaces with landscaping that is both beautiful and practical—and one key way to do that is by clearing away trees, leaves, and potential sources of debris so that important signs shine through.

How many times have you almost missed a stop or your right turn because you couldn’t properly see the marker that told you to do so? We hope to help minimize incidents like this so that you can better get where you’re going.

Creating beautiful spaces

Roadside landscaping is rightly focused on providing safe driving experiences—but that doesn’t mean roads have to go without style, too! We can help provide your city streets and highways with beautiful, carefully thought-out spaces that incorporate color, shade, and other attractive features that draw positive attention to your community.

Defined borders

Neatly trimmed grass, a border of trees, well-defined sidewalks. These are just a few of the features that can help separate sidewalks and other pedestrian spaces from the street, helping to keep you safe whether you’re on foot or behind the wheel.

Less speed, safer streets

Did you know that the presence of trees on a city street can help motorists reduce their speed and, thus, drive safer? They’re not “stopping to smell the roses,” but they are slowing down to see the trees. That’s good news for pedestrians and motorists alike!

We may not be able to get rid of rush hour traffic—but with the right landscaping, we can make trips big and small more enjoyable.

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