Bursts of Beauty: Making Small Landscapes Work
Bursts of Beauty: Making Small Landscapes Work

Dozens of features go into making a landscape beautiful. Size, as it turns out, is not one of them!

If you’re wondering how to transform your small commercial landscape into a space that stands out, just read on!


Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean it has to forego function altogether. Even the smallest spaces can foster a purpose—it’s up to you to decide what you, and your clients or customers, need most! For example, simply adding a bench can make your small landscaped space a comfy garden nook, a place to sit, take a break, and enjoy the view.

Overhead delights

Don’t have lots of floor space to work with? Look above… the overhead area of your landscape can be designed, too! Use hanging planters, ceiling fans, and other features to create visual interest that extends beyond the ground level of your space. A pergola is another structure that can provide shade and a visual frame for the plants, flowers, and water features that sit below.

Depth by color

You can’t create more space out of thin air, but you can certainly create the feeling of more space. It’s called depth, and a careful arrangement of colors can help you achieve it. Put lighter, more muted flowers toward the foreground of your landscape, bringing bright blues, reds, and pinks to the front to create visual interest that extends throughout the entire space.

Natural music

You don’t need a boombox or outdoor speaker system to dress up your space with sweet-sounding music. Use the sounds of nature to create an alluring outdoor medley. Moving water is a great way to achieve this—even if it’s something as simple as a bird bath or small fountain, it will be sure to create a peaceful, enticing atmosphere in your space. It’s an especially helpful tool for small landscapes, where you want to muffle the hustle and bustle of businesses to your right and left.

Don’t be afraid of division

It may seem like you want to avoid as much division as possible in the form of sidewalks and separate spaces in your smaller landscape—but think again! By creating clearly defined spaces on your property, no matter how small, you can create the feeling of purpose and intentionality in your landscape. This will prevent it from feeling like a random collection of plants, and more like a cohesive space you’ve spent lots of time designing!

Here at Duval Landscape, we have experience in designing lush landscapes in spaces both big and small. Call us today to find and design a landscape plan that works for you!

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