Creating a Community through Commercial Landscaping
Creating a Community through Commercial Landscaping

One key way to achieve a sense of community is by integrating it into the physical design of your commercial space. In today’s blog, we’re exploring the ways we can help create a community through expertly-planned landscaping. Take a look.

Pedestrian-friendly pathways

In every kind of community—from apartment complexes to residential developments—people want a comfortable way to get around. The residents should feel comfortable exploring the extent of their at-home surroundings on foot. By designing pedestrian-friendly landscaping with ample sidewalks and pathways, you’re giving residents a chance to spend more time outside. What better way to foster a sense of community than with an easy, effortless way to spend more time with people outside?

A splash of green where it counts

As you develop your space, you naturally want to attract as many people as possible. But that doesn’t mean your community has to feel crowded. The addition of greenery in the form of trees, shrubs, grass-lined sidewalks, etc. can break up the monotony of an otherwise manmade setting.  It can also help people feel more comfortable since so many classic activities take place in nature!

A sense of safety

Did you know that your landscaping can play a big role in how safe residents and customers feel? Keeping walkways clear of debris, preventing overhanging tree limbs from falling down, and designing clear, easy-to-see walking spaces are just a few ways we can help you accomplish a safe, comfortable community.

Communal spaces

It wouldn’t be a community without some communal spaces. Whether it’s in the form of a grassy communal lawn or a shady nook perfect for corporate parties, we can help you design spaces that foster a feeling of unity.

In your community, you take care of the construction—and let Duval Landscape take care of the landscaping that ties it all together.

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