Tree Service: Cleaning-up After Storms
Tree Service: Cleaning-up After Storms

In Florida, you can't stop a summertime storm—but you can prevent it from damaging your landscape.

In today's blog, take a look at the ways Duval Landscape can help with tree service and cleanup following a storm.

Creating safe spaces

After a hurricane, the most important thing to do is clean up so you can create a safe space for people. That means clearing away fallen trees or contacting the proper authorities to remove them from dangerous spots.

Removing broken limbs

Broken limbs can cause damage and therefore need to be removed. We can help remove these broken limbs so the overall health of a storm-stricken tree can still have positive growth in the months to come. This will also reduce the possibility of insects and other causes of decay to happen within your landscaping.

Debris cleanup

Debris in the canopy of a tree, as well as on the ground and pathways of your property, should be removed quickly to ensure pedestrian safety as well as the natural health of your plant life.

Coming equipped

It can be tempting to simply take matters into your own hands, however, we have the right tools for the job to safely and cautiously perform potentially tricky maneuvers.

Post-storm "checkups"

Immediately following a storm, our primary goal isn't to beautify—it's to repair, regrow, and help heal your landscape. But that doesn't mean we're finished.

In the months to come, you can count on us to perform landscaping tasks that will help give you a thriving landscape.

Preparing for the future

After we help you move on after a rough storm, we can also prepare you for future weather events. This might mean supporting your trees with stakes, removing overgrown or diseased branches, and more. We're here to help, every step of the way.

You want to get back to business as usual—and we can help you do just that! Call Duval Landscape for help with cleanup following the storm and preventative landscaping that will prepare for the next one.

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