Enhance Your Commercial Property by Choosing Seasonal Flowers
Enhance Your Commercial Property by Choosing Seasonal Flowers

One of the benefits of living in Florida is year-round access to beautiful flowers and vegetation. With so many options to choose from, it’s simple to occasionally change up the look of your commercial landscaping. This adds both interest and attraction.

Some business owners resist updating corporate landscapes for fear of associated costs. The fact is, a trusted and respected landscaping service near Orlando can provide materials at a fraction of the cost at retailers. In addition, tired and wilting flowers outside a business send a negative impression, which can be detrimental to your bottom line.

Use this advice to ensure your commercial landscaping features the best of each season and continually showcases the aesthetic beauty of your business exterior:

Practice Careful Color Selection

Any psychologist will tell you that colors impact mood and performance. While it’s unlikely that choosing the “wrong” colors will be detrimental to your business, there is a big benefit in selecting hues that match your core values and expectations.

For instance, warm colors (yellow, orange, red) create an exciting and vibrant motif, while cool colors (green, blue, violet) are more soothing and relaxing. So, you might choose to plant warm color flowers outside boardroom windows to encourage passion and thought. Cool colors are ideal for outdoor break areas, entrances, and other spaces.

Intensity is also a factor in color. Experimenting with various color concentrations can create an exciting and novel presentation unique to your business.

Consider Environment 

As with many natural elements, the surrounding area is important. For example, if your property is in direct sunlight for all or most of the day, light-loving annuals are a good idea. Partial-sun selections work best for areas that experience a mid-day cloud-over. Businesses in heavily-wooded locales should be decorated with flowering seasonal flowers that thrive in partial to full shade.

If this all sounds too overwhelming or even time-consuming, it’s wise to solicit assistance from experts of landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area. A skilled and qualified commercial landscaper can help you select the ideal plants for your specific corporate environment.

Make Use of Containers         

A long-time favorite for residential landscaping, container gardening can also be applied for commercial use. This involves placing large pots or in-ground hardscape elements in front of your business. The flowers in these receptacles can be easily swapped out depending on the season.

One benefit of this option is that you can “try” new plant varieties and colors without making a larger commitment to your entire commercial landscaping. If you’re unhappy with the appearance, the vegetation can easily be removed. If you’ve found a new favorite, it can be incorporated into your larger landscape design.

Enlist Assistance

It’s only natural that your main focus is on growing your business. While you certainly have an interest in the aesthetic beauty of your building’s exterior, day-to-day requirements often force those goals to take the back burner. That’s when it’s wise to engage with a reputable landscaping service near Orlando that can help make your commercial landscape stand out and make a statement.

For nearly a decade, we’ve contributed to the aesthetic outdoor beauty of countless Florida companies. Offering a variety of services (including commercial landscape construction, enhancement, and maintenance), we turn corporate grounds into works of art. Contact us today to see how we can help improve the visual beauty of your company.

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