How Flowers Create Impressive Florida Commercial Landscaping
How Flowers Create Impressive Florida Commercial Landscaping

Any business owner knows that making an impactful first impression is essential. The fact is, you might not always get an in-person opportunity to do so. Clients and prospective employees are judging your business from the moment they pull into the parking lot. That’s why focusing attention on outdoor aesthetics is integral.

One way to create instant interest is through flowers. They come in a variety of colors and styles, creating a pleasing show any time of year. Best of all, there are types of flowers that thrive in any climate, even the sometimes-harsh weather conditions of Florida. Use this advice to select the best flowers for your commercial property:

Choose Variations Wisely

As mentioned, flowers come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Some love full sun, while others prefer more shaded locations. Some die off in even a light frost, while others thrive through harsh and cold temperature conditions.

For instance, flowers such as heat-tolerant annuals like marigolds, cosmos, and petunias are ideal for the hot and humid summer months in Florida. By contrast, some annuals that can withstand colder temperatures (such as pansies, petunias, snapdragon, and geranium) are fine choices for the winter season. Commercial properties that are heavily-shaded should opt for shade-friendly annuals such as caladium and coleus. Other varieties (such as fuchsia and impatiens) thrive in partial shade.

All that stated, fully knowing which varieties will do best around your property requires an understanding of local growing conditions and the unique environmental factors of your business. If you’re unable or unwilling to put in the time required for this endeavor, it’s wise to contact a skilled and qualified professional well-versed with landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida and elsewhere around the Sunshine State.

Dare to Be Bold

There’s no rule that commercial properties must be boring or antiseptic. Instead, eye-catching commercial landscaping in Florida has become a growing and popular trend.

Some business owners choose to be daring and unconventional in their landscape displays. This is accomplished by choosing flowers in dazzling colors. You can also select flowers of varying sizes and shapes to produce a three-dimensional effect.

In addition, many business owners opt to install raised planters, particularly near entryways. By late summer, some of your flowers will be on their way out. Create a fresh look by placing mums, pansies, and even perennials to herald in the new season.

Get Expert Advice and Assistance

As a business owner, while you might have a vested interest in the exterior beauty of your property, you are understandably focused on the growth and prosperity of your company. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day, and that time must be used wisely. That’s why it’s comforting to know that you can have it all by reaching out to a trusted and reliable commercial landscaping company.

Since 2009, we’ve helped companies across Florida make impactful first impressions through innovative and eye-catching property enhancement solutions. Consistently recognized as one of the best Orlando landscaping companies, our award-winning business offers a variety of services. That includes landscape design and maintenance, tree care, water management, and more. Contact us to learn how easy and affordable it is to enhance your commercial property.

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