Tree Care, 5 Ways
Tree Care, 5 Ways

Our favorite shade providers add beauty and depth to any lawn, but require delicate care.

It may seem like a lot of work at the time, but if you let these lush limbs grow without maintenance you’ll end up with an even bigger mess. Look at today’s blog for some easy tips on keeping your tree’s prim and proper.

Choose an optimal area for growth

Each time you plant a tree, keep in mind the roots. For your trees to grow into their natural size, you must provide enough space for them.

This means, if you are planning on planting a mini forest, spread them out. Depending on the kind of tree, this could mean separating them five feet apart, or even ten. Talk with your tree provider to get the exact amount.

Pick the perfect soil and mulch

Think of it this way, the soil you choose is the food your tree will be eating forever. When you don’t nourish living beings properly they will die, and the same hold true for trees. Again, the soil you need to buy always depends on which kind of tree you are feeding, but the safe route to go for any tree is an organic soil.

Organic soil has no preservatives or chemicals in it so the preservation of your tree will be natural and longer. When you don’t add harmful chemicals to your tree’s food, or soil, you will get the most out of it.

Provide regular watering

The best and most easy way to water your trees is with mother nature’s rain! In Central Florida summers are full of rain showers, but even that’s not enough water. Choose a watering schedule and stay on track.

If your tree requires water three times a week and there is no rain in the forecast don’t be afraid to go out there with a hose and feed it some water. After all, trees get as thirsty as you!

Prop up young and fragile trees

It’s okay if some tree’s need a little help. Don’t give up if one of your younglings is looking on the frits, there are always ways to save it.

Use support stakes to help it grow strong and long-lasting. Simply take the stake, dig the end of it into the ground, and tie the upper part to your tree. This will act as a crutch and allow the tree to grow tall and strong, so when it’s ready you can remove the stake.

Regular maintenance     

Once you’ve established the roots for a strong adult tree, there is need for regular maintenance to keep growing successfully.

Some of these tasks are usually above the average homeowner, and that’s okay if you need to outsource some help from your local landscaping experts at Duval. We can come out to your home or business and help you with pruning the tree, trimming old branches, and preventing the presence of pests and disease.

You’ll be happy knowing these measures not only keep your trees looking their best, but also will make your overall landscape safer for everyone who spends time on your property.



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