Landscape Design & Your Brand
Landscape Design & Your Brand

Is your landscape a reflection of your brand? Yes, absolutely. Your landscape is a direct expression of your brand – your company, its values, and the kind of clients you want to attract. At many levels, your property creates the critical first impression for new recruits, potential clients, and existing clients.

Property branding is one of the most compelling ways to show potential clients what your business is all about. Vibrant, bold, well-kept properties with curb appeal draw in clients. And it’s also a way for your business to differentiate from the competition. At the simplest level, your landscape reflects the attention to detail that you provide your clients. For instance, are your beds properly edged, shrubs neatly pruned, the lawn weed free, and hard surfaces swept and cleared of trash? If the landscape surrounding your building is a tired mess of overgrown plants and weedy turf, visitors could take that as a warning sign of what to expect from your business.

Taking it to the next level, does your property reflect the values of your company? It is amazing how many companies speak of being environmentally responsible, yet they fail to address this aspect in relation to their own landscape. We will help reinforce your values to clients, employees, recruits and other guests by using sustainable landscaping practices.

 At the highest level, we’re seeing the introduction of wellness amenities in landscaping planning. Some include designated fitness trails while others have added outdoor sports facilities, like basketball courts and soccer fields. The most progressive have created parks and community gardens for their staff. In each instance, the amenities are tied to wellness programs through their human resources department. Not only do these programs positively impact insurance costs, absenteeism, and general morale among employees, but they also serve as a great recruitment tool to younger generations.

We can set your business apart from other ordinary landscapes. Imagine bursts of vibrant color in an abundance of planting beds featuring unique plants varieties throughout the year –Let our team at Duval Landscape set you up for success:

Color. Bright, diverse color exclusively designed for your property and your specific needs.

Unique Varieties. Duval Landscape has proven varieties for you to try and continues to test new varieties, so you will never tire of the same planting year after year.

Creativity. We offer innovative designs and suggestion to get the most from your landscape area. Our certified designers will keep year – round interest for your property, helping to increase aesthetic appeal.

Proper Maintenance. We provide you with a scheduled maintenance plan, including integrated pest management, horticultural work, fertilization and watering, keeps your beds in top condition. We address issues before they become problems.

Customization. We understand that all sites are unique so we’ll design a plan for the varying conditions of your site. There’s no problem with incorporating drought – resistant varieties for those hard – to – water places or for varieties that do well in shade.

Create an Experience. Every business property is looking for something different, especially depending on what industry you are in. We want to create the experience and feeling that you have in mind to best represent your brand. We want to help you draw people in to your business by adding beauty and ambience to your space. It will ultimately set your property apart.

Consistency. Once we have created the experience you are looking for – a physical brand – then we want to make sure to keep it consistent across all your locations. This is particularly important if you are a corporate chain of any kind. You want the client to feel at home at every location. Even if you are trying to attract different types of clients, consistency is still important. You’re building a brand and clients need to know they will get the same experience wherever they go. Quality cannot be compromised. We can replicate the same level of work across all your locations, and you will have a dedicated Account Manager for your entire portfolio, to make sure this happens.

Safety. A business’s biggest nightmare is property liability. And it’s our job to make sure your clients never have to worry. Your ground can be a major safety hazards, if not properly maintained. We know what issues to look for and how to avoid them.

Site Evaluation and Consultation. Our evaluation considers the site and your specific needs before we make recommendations. We carefully measure beds, test the PH of the soil, examine environmental and site condition, as well as offer you options.

We believe that commercial landscaping is its own art, and we’ve spent decades helping businesses make their properties more aesthetic and marketable. Duval Landscape is in the business of problem solving to create beautiful landscapes to enhance your business. We offer differentiation and consistency, and aid you in building a positive reputation and strong brand.

If you’re interested in speaking with us about how we can help improve your brand through landscape design and maintenance, give us a call at 904.900.1127.

We’d be more than happy to chat.

The Duval Landscape Team






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