The Five Senses of Landscaping
The Five Senses of Landscaping

The sight of a well-manicured landscape might be the first thing you notice—its neatly-trimmed trees, short grass, and intricately-shaped hedges—but there’s more to a good landscape than meets the eye!

Landscaping is truly an all-encompassing practice, that can transform your property and impact all five senses in the process.

Not sure how? Take a look below to learn about the five senses of landscaping!


As we’ve mentioned above, the most obvious sense in landscaping is, of course, that of sight. Without sight, we wouldn’t be able to see the intricate details that go into every landscaping job—delicate borders on hedges, vivid green lawns, or carefully-crafted shrubbery in seemingly impossible shapes. Sight does, of course, provide much of the “wow” factor that goes into landscape design.

Sight in landscaping is also about what we don’t see as a result of the well thought-out landscaping—busy parking lots, for example, or less-than-picturesque buildings in the distance. The careful plotting of trees and shrubbery can help keep these sights out-of-sight for guests on your property.


There’s a reason why we say to “stop and smell the roses”—our favorite flowers do produce sweet, aromatic scents that should not be missed!


You may not think that there’s much to be done in the way of sound in a landscape design—and you’d be right, for the most part. There are no plants that produce music or alluring background sounds—however, we can incorporate sound into your landscape with the help of enhancements such as water fountains. The sound of trickling or streaming water is a relaxing one, one that your guests or customers are sure to appreciate.


Since taste is so closely intertwined with smell, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that certain flowers produce a sort of taste sensation, too!


Touch and texture plays a big part in landscaping, even if your guests aren’t touching the plants directly. Guests, ideally, feel a clear pathway ahead of them as they walk onto your property, not crunching their feet on leaves and seeds—they similarly feel the texture of your patio, stepping stones, welcome mat, and much more.

Every step they take is a sensory one—knowing that is key to creating a landscaped space for everyone!

Is your current landscaping not living up to each of these five senses? We here at Duval Landscape can help. Call us today to find out the unique ways we can refine your space and maintain its look throughout the year.







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