When Is It Time for a Landscape Change?
When Is It Time for a Landscape Change?

When you enlist Duval’s help in creating a beautifully-landscaped space, one thing’s for sure: your surroundings are about to get a whole lot better. You just need to make the call.

But there’s the question. How do you know when it’s time to switch up your landscape? There are a few tell-tale signs… and today, we’re exploring five of them. Just read on to learn more.

You’re not reaching customers

Your commercial landscape serves a dual purpose. It should, of course, look good and add to the overall beauty of the community—but it should also help you attract new clients, customers and guests. If it’s not (whether due to a landscape that’s not welcoming to pedestrians, or perhaps is hard to see from the road), a change is worth considering in the season ahead.

You’re ready to rebrand

Embarking on a rebranding process? As you search for a new identity for your business, you’ll no doubt be updating your logo, website, and marketing materials. Don’t forget about one of the biggest spots of all: your landscape!

To new visitors and old, a fresh, reinvigorated landscape will help revitalize your company’s identity. It’s the first and most visible feature that many of your customers will interact with, so help it make a statement you’re proud of. Your landscape can reflect the ideals of your work—a neat, well-cared for space with striking visuals can’t help but convey your own attention to detail and innovative mindset in all that you do.

You want to do more for the environment

Want to help the environment? It might be time to consider switching up your outdoor space. Everything from the plants you use to the layout of your landscape can impact the environment, and making the switch for more eco-friendly options (like a rain garden, better runoff systems, hardier plants, etc.) is something you can be proud of.

You’re spending too much time on upkeep

Spending more time worrying about your commercial landscape than you are enjoying it—or working on your business? Resolving to switch up your space with sturdier materials and less labor-intensive landscaping options can help make your beautiful property that much easier to manage.

Your landscape looks outdated

Sometimes, your space just looks outdated. Whether it’s an old landscape addition, like a company sign, or crumbling sidewalks from your property’s original construction, it’s never too late to enjoy a fresh start for a modern look.

We hope that today’s blog helps you decide when it’s time for a landscaping upgrade! If you’re ready for one, so are we. Call Duval Landscape Maintenance today to learn more about designing a commercial space that looks and feels better than ever.

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