Why Fall is the Time to Trim Overgrown Branches
Why Fall is the Time to Trim Overgrown Branches

Hot summer days call for lots of shade—but by the time fall and winter roll around, it might be time for a quick trim of overgrown branches.

Below, we’re looking at the reasons that make fall the perfect time to trim those pesky branches. Take a look!

Decreased need for shade

During the peak of summer, when sweltering heat and a bright shining sun combine to produce less-than-ideal outdoor conditions, it makes sense that we want to shade our outdoor spaces for the comfort of our families or customers. During this time of year, however, when conditions are milder and we actually push to spend more time outdoors, shade is less of a necessity. Use this time to trim tree branches, so that by the time spring and summer roll back around, you’ll have plenty of healthy cover to share.

Troublesome tree litter

By trimming your tree branches now, you can keep your walkways and patio spaces clear of troublesome tree litter—leaves, seeds and other debris that fall from above. This will not only make your outdoor spaces look a little neater—it will also help to improve the safety and experience of customers as they make their way around your property.

Promotion of the overall health and form of your tree

Even the strongest, healthiest of trees can do with some maintenance from time to time to remove less healthy branches. Since these insecure spots can lead to decay and the presence of unwelcome visitors like insects, you’ll want to get rid of them right away. Trimming imperfect branches can also help you maintain the overall shape and form of your tree, without wayward branches bending the body of the tree into an unideal position.

For those branches on your property that need special attention this season, call Duval Landscape. We’ll take care of your branches and can work to ensure that they stay neatly trimmed throughout the year.











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