Landscaping and the Retail Environment Experience
Landscaping and the Retail Environment Experience

Florida currently enjoys a robust and expanding economy, but competition for revenue is fierce among the various retail centers and shopping districts throughout the state. One way that can easily draw customers in the front door is through well maintained landscaping and trees.  Having beautiful landscapes and seasonal flowers creates a welcoming environment, and offer the types of layered experiences that today’s customers are seeking.

On the other hand, an unsightly outdoor area in front of and surrounding a business can give the impression that the business owners do not care about their appearance or their role as a member of their surrounding community. Read on to learn more about how quality landscaping can enhance customers’ experiences and drive business:

Increase Revenues        

Greener, welcoming retail environments increase visit duration and spending with as much as 25% more, which in turn helps boost occupancy rates for owners.                                                                                                                                        

Ensure Brand Consistency

At one location, or across many, we help you stand out with consistent  eye- catching landscaping conveying your brand aesthetic.


Create and Maintain Inviting Spaces                               

Ensure your outdoor spaces continue to attract shoppers and keep them there longer. Our design, construction and maintenance experts provide creative ideas and remain attentive to keeping your shopping environment attractive and clean.


Increase Safety, Reduce Liability                                                                                                               

Proactive monitoring of potential hazards, quick response, vigilant tree care ensure your property will remain safe, navigable and open for business.


Conserve Resources                                                                                                                            

With attractive, low water plants, smart irrigation technology and strategic planning, you and your business can save costs while at the same time gaining visibility for your sustainability efforts among shoppers and the community. 

In today’s retail environment, landscape is so much more than colorful accent plantings at the front entrance to the mall. No longer subservient to the architecture, landscape infrastructure establishes a clear framework from which to organize the building mass, and the connections into the local community. We create memorable landscapes that enhance customers’ experiences and drive business including, shaded seating areas, vibrant plantings, seasonal displays, walkways and planters that direct and ease foot traffic. Call Duval Landscape for more information, or request a free consultation today. 

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