A Landscape for Night and Day
A Landscape for Night and Day

For businesses that see nighttime foot traffic, their landscaping doesn’t just have to look good in the daylight—it has to stand the test of nightfall, too!

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at the landscaping tips and tricks that will keep your space looking and functioning at its best—day or night.

Clear walkways

If you plan to use your landscaped space day and night, it’s important that guests can come and go with a clear walkway ahead of them. This can be achieved in multiple ways—first, during the landscape design process itself, we can help line paths in a way that leaves plenty of room for people to pass through (without low-hanging branches or overgrown shrubbery getting in their way). The next step comes with regular maintenance. By keeping your walkway spaces swept regularly (and the trees above them clear of overhanging branches), you can cut down on the litter that falls onto the path.

Stepping stones that pave the way

Stepping stones are a great addition to any space that requires people to walk through patches of grass or mulch—at nighttime, however, they double as much-needed path guidance that your visitors will appreciate. In the dark, you never know quite what could be hiding in the grass—ants, a puddle of mud, whatever it might be. A few stepping stones can alleviate this concern and make walks on your property a little simpler.

Well-lit spaces

Of course, the most important aspect of day-to-night landscaping has to be the availability of well-lit spaces. Without the proper lighting, it can be difficult for visitors to make their way around your space—even if it’s landscaped and designed to perfection. Include a variety of lights (from overhead to ambient to close-to-the-ground lights that brighten up dark pathways) to ensure that your property can be seen and navigated with ease, no matter the time of day.

Are you interested in crafting a space that’s people-friendly, day or night? Give Duval Landscape a call, and learn how we can help you do just that!











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