New Year, New Outdoor Space
New Year, New Outdoor Space

At the turn of every year, we spend time bettering ourselves through changes to our mindset, new fitness routines, and other resolutions. As you focus on becoming the best “you” you can be, don’t forget about doing the same for your outdoor space, too!

As we usher in 2017, try some of these unique improvements to your space!

Water features

Why do we love water in landscaping? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes running water so alluring, but the sound and visual interest of a pond or fountain simply can’t be beat. The moving water can also detract from the sounds of a busy street or neighborhood, making it a great way to add peace and tranquility to your space.

Natural music

You don’t need outdoor speakers to add a feeling of natural “music” to your outdoor space. Integrate sound into your landscape design by adding new sources to your landscape—water, like we mentioned, is one, but you are also free to consider wind chimes or even plants that billow in the breeze, creating an airy, whooshing sound. These are certainly small changes—but the shift they create in your space will be undeniable.

Stepping stones

Give your guests a chance to immerse themselves into your landscape! Stepping stones are an easy solution for turning a large outdoor space into a more walkable one. Visitors will enjoy the chance to get around your space with ease, without dirtying their shoes or worrying about disrupting your landscape.

Natural walls

If you live or work on a busy, bustling street, consider putting up natural walls of shrubbery to keep your space uniquely individual. Unlike interior walls, a tall wall of shrubbery won’t make you feel closed-off—it will help you and your guests feel a little more secluded by nature and the pleasant sights and sounds of a thriving outdoor space, while keeping unwanted views out of the picture.

No matter what you do to your landscape in 2017, be sure to revel in the spirit of change and enjoy your new space! We look forward to working with you in the year ahead for landscape enhancements big and small.

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