Resort Landscaping: Creating a Memorable Guest Experience
Resort Landscaping: Creating a Memorable Guest Experience

Room service. On-site amenities. A mint on the pillow. These are all things we associate with a great hotel experience. But while a successful stay ends with a pleasant checkout process, it invariably starts with a good first impression of the physical feel and landscaping of a space.

At Duval, we know that the right outdoor experience at your resort can lead to happier guests and return visits. Wondering where to start? Take a look at today’s blog to see what successful landscaping looks like!

Curb appeal

Curb appeal has different roles for different types of businesses. A shop or restaurant, for example, might be able to attract drivers or pedestrians with an appealing exterior (even if they weren’t planning to stop). For resorts, however, your customers have typically already decided to stay with you. So what role does curb appeal—a luxurious, carefully-designed outdoor space—do for you?

For one thing, it reassures guests. It gets them excited for the stay they’re about to enjoy, and makes them feel good about the decision they made days, weeks, or even months before. Your resort’s landscape is the first tangible thing your guests experience during their stay, the thing that makes their vacation finally feel real.

It’s a tall order—one that a lush, well-maintained space more than fulfills!

An inviting pool space

Millions of visitors flock to Florida every year for fun in the sun—a large part of that, of course, consisting of time in the pool. While your guests enjoy an afternoon of swimming or lounging around poolside, ensure that they’re surrounded only by the most beautiful natural landscapes—lush, inviting shade, colorful flowers, and well-manicured walkways that lead guests to their outdoor oasis. Selection of “cleaner,” broad-leafed trees that are less likely to drop seeds and leaves into your pool is also a helpful move.

Outdoor comfort

Florida’s locals are used to spending time outdoors—but for guests from cooler spots, their spring trip to Florida is the first glimpse of a warm, outdoor experience that they’ve had in months. Give them something to enjoy! Leave no space “unused”—in other words, turn regular passageways and parking areas into spaces that are neat, green, and designed with style and function in mind.

We hope that today’s blog gives you a better idea of the resort landscaping styles that work. To implement them in your own resort or hotel, give us a call! We can help you design and maintain the kind of space guests want to come back to, year after year.

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