A Cool Landscape for Spring
A Cool Landscape for Spring

As Florida's springtime temperatures continue to soar, your commercial landscape might be feeling the heat. Since sun and hot weather can affect your business--both inside and out--we thought we would devote some time to figuring out exactly what works when it comes to cooling down your outdoor space.

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The welcome addition of shade

The addition of shade in your space is, of course, the biggest (and easiest) way to cool down your landscape. If your business features useable outdoor space of any kind (from pathways to sitting areas to patios), shade is a must-have for ease of enjoyment. Small touches of shade can help with parking (to prevent the dreaded heat of a car that's spent a few minutes under the sun), as well as general access to your business.

Shade can, of course, also help cool down the inside of your business! By planting and maintaining trees near east and west-facing windows, you can cut down on energy costs and increase the comfort of your customers and employees.
While trees are an excellent way to add shade and a natural feel to your space, they're not the only option around. Awnings and other overhanging structures can help keep your commercial space cool and welcoming for all!

Fans for outdoor spaces

Are your customers spending time outdoors for extended amounts of time? Restaurants, hotels, and similar establishments can benefit from outdoor ceiling fans that make outdoor time much more enjoyable.

Moving water

Can a pond, lake, or element of moving water actually make customers feel cooler? While they may not be swimming in the water, these elements can provide a cooler, more relaxed feeling for customers--especially since water surfaces are apt at delivering the best rolling breezes over a space!

At Duval Landscape Maintenance, we can help you accomplish these cool features (and then some!). Call us today to learn about our services and commitment to quality for shopping centers, resorts, and everywhere in between.

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