Florida Commercial Landscaping: An Eye for Reflection
Florida Commercial Landscaping: An Eye for Reflection

Most of us couldn’t imagine a home without mirrors for getting ready and last minute touch-ups—but did you know that reflective surfaces can be just as helpful in your commercial landscape?

The answer isn’t really in mirrors—it’s in naturally reflective surfaces that can work together for a positive, stylistic impact in your space. See how your commercial landscape can turn a bit more reflective in today’s blog!

Water surfaces

Long before humans had mirrors, they used natural water surfaces to see a reflected image of their world. While we may not rely on lakes or ponds for this purpose anymore, they do still offer a visual break—a chance for your customers’ eyes to relax, unwind, and take in the entirety of your landscape.

Even smaller water features, such as ponds, can make your outdoor space feel bigger and more connected to nature. That’s something to enjoy in any commercial landscape!

Taking advantage of your building’s reflective surfaces

Modern design often sees reflective surfaces on the structure of your business itself. If you have large windows or even an entirely reflective exterior wall, these are spots worth taking advantage of! We can help you ensure that these surfaces reflect views worth appreciating, like trees, shrubbery, and flowers (versus, say, a parking lot). This will also be helpful on the inside of your business, as your customers and employees can appreciate the view from indoors.

Symmetry in design

Symmetry in your landscape is, by no means, a hard and fast rule—but if you’re aiming for a reflective look in your space, “mirror” design (including the same plants and flowers on either side of a walkway, for example) is a great way to inspire your space and make it more cohesive overall.

Are you interested in learning more about the power of reflection in your commercial space? Call Duval Landscape Maintenance today to see how we can help!

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