Making the Most of Central Florida’s Summer Citrus
Making the Most of Central Florida’s Summer Citrus

It’s easy to make the most of the area you live in, especially when that place is Central Florida.

We are given so many natural resources, it would be silly to not use them to their advantage. One of those resources is Sunshine state citrus! You can…

Grow your own mini citrus farm

Landscaping isn’t always exclusively about lush lawns and bright flowers. You can also add shrubs, hedges, water features, or fruit trees!

Who wouldn’t love to step into the yard and pick food at your leisure? It’s a great benefit to our planet when you plant trees. They add oxygen to our lungs, filter out harmful dusts and chemicals in the air, and provide food and protection. And, of course, they make your home or business look efficient, environmentally conscious, and luxurious!

Make homegrown drinks

Is there anything better than a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, or lemonade on a hot summer day? I think we can all agree that answer is no.

It’s such a fun activity for kids, and adults to do. You can go out into the yard, pick your favorite offerings, and bring them right inside. Juicing takes very little time, but the process is fun and the health benefits are endless. It’s always a cool concept to know exactly where your food, or drink came from and how it was made!

Preserve natural habitats

Although some insects seem like a nuisance, others are extremely vital to our own existence. Some insects, like bees, are responsible for 1/3 of the world’s produce population. Unfortunately, they are rapidly dying off with the use of harsh pesticides. By adding some citrus to your yard, you are helping preserve the natural habitats these vital insects feast on. 

It’s not always easy implementing additional trees, or other landscaping materials into your yard, but it’s still possible when you use experts like the ones at Duval Landscaping. We can fulfill any of your needs, even maintenance. Call us today or visit one of your Central Florida locations! 




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