5 Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Office Park
5 Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Office Park

Your office park isn't just a collection of buildings—it's a place to foster collaboration and inspiration, and the right landscaping can help you achieve just that.

In today's blog, we're sharing five smart design ideas for your office park. 


Today's modern workplace is all about connectivity. We can share messages and ideas with people across the office or across the globe, with the simple touch of a button. We think your office park landscape should reflect that ease of connection.

Craft some spacious pathways that connect the companies and amenities on your property. There's a reason why people choose to do business in an office park as opposed to a conventional, standalone environment—it's easier to get around and offers more access to local partners and amenities. Foster that connective feel with plenty of pedestrian space and surround it with greenery for a pleasant everyday commute.

Collaborative spaces

A second perk of being in an office park is the opportunity for collaboration. For businesses who have a natural stake in each other's success, or for new companies looking to forge meaningful connections, it's always helpful to have a well-maintained outdoor space that fulfills this need. Consider creating a cluster of picnic-style tables where people can meet for lunch or team gatherings. Supplement that space with natural shade and inspirational plant life.

Spots for reflection

In addition to collaborative outdoor spaces, landscaping can provide spots where people contemplate, enjoy a snack, or simply relax after a busy day in the office. Such spots might be a small garden with a bench or two or small arboretum that breaks up your outdoor space.

Water features

Speaking of reflection, why not add some water features? Fountains, waterfalls, bird baths or even small ponds can create a welcoming space. The natural sound of water is a pure distraction from work and nearby traffic.

Circular design

The circular design embodies a well-roundedness that modern businesses crave. Reflect that line of thinking in your landscape with circular planters, or even a common green space that's surrounded by a circular walkway. It makes for a unique, innovative design while lending itself to long walks or simple workday inspiration.

At Duval Landscape, we can help you achieve these unique designs with ease. Call us today to learn more about shaping your office park into a well-coordinated space.

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