5 Things to Enjoy in Florida’s Fall
5 Things to Enjoy in Florida’s Fall

Florida may not be known for its cold weather or autumnal colors come this season… but look a little closer, and you’ll see. There’s a lot to love about fall in our state!

As a business owner, you’re set to enjoy it all in and around your commercial landscape. See what we’re most looking forward to in the blog below.

Clearer skies

Once we progress a little bit further into the fall season, the Sunshine State truly earns its nickname! Clear blue skies dominate the forecast, creating a much more enjoyable environment to live, work, and play in. That reduced moisture is especially appreciated as you make trips around town and enjoy the outdoor excursions Florida is known for.

Is drier weather good for your plants? It depends—some fare better with less water than others. However, a lack of rain isn’t something you need to worry about since your expertly-maintained irrigation system will make up for any moisture that’s lost with a change of season. Just kick back and enjoy the fresh air!

Cooler weather

We see a small but welcome dip in temperatures, too, especially as we move closer toward the latter half of fall. Again, certain species won’t mind the change, while others might need some extra TLC as the air gets cooler. For plants you’re unsure about, we can help identify any potential needs as the season progresses.

Beautiful colors

Fall in Florida can be colorful, too! Especially in the northern half of the state, you can see subtle changes in maples, dogwoods, and other species. Their warmer colors stand out in beautiful contrast against the bright, clear blue skies characteristic of this time of year.

Easy outdoor enjoyment

There’s no better time than the fall to perfect your commercial landscape, since now is the time when you can expect employees and customers alike to flock outside to enjoy the weather. Consider additions like benches, picnic tables, and other features that make your outdoor space a little more usable.

New visitors

Florida is a year-round vacation destination—so even though summer is ending, you can still expect to “wow” new visitors with your business landscape, especially as more people come into town for fall festivals, nearby theme park events, and much more.

These seasonal changes can bring beauty to your landscape—but your space might need some TLC to show it all off! That’s where we can help. Be sure to call Duval Landscape Maintenance today to learn more about prepping your landscape for the season ahead!


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