5 Ways to Find Landscape Inspiration
5 Ways to Find Landscape Inspiration

Every beautiful landscape starts the same way. Before there are vibrant flowers and lush, leafy foliage, there’s inspiration—the spark that ignites the creative process.

Searching for some landscape inspiration of your own? We can help. Check out today’s blog for a few simple ways to get inspired and develop your own dream landscape!

Start with a sketchpad

Not an artist? That’s okay! You can still benefit from the easy, back-to-basics approach of sketching out designs that inspire or intrigue you. Create a picture of a landscape that suits your fancy, or the individual components of one. That can form a helpful foundation for guiding your design and material choices later on!

Visit beautiful landscapes

Another great way to get inspiration for your commercial landscape? Visit beautiful outdoor spaces! They can be other businesses nearby, or places wholly unrelated to your field: think butterfly gardens, arboretums, and more. The key is that you’ll see what colors look great together, what trees and species you like best, and other features that combine to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Learn from the best

As a business owner, you know that there’s a lot to learn from your competition in the industry! Spend some time researching popular destinations in your field (beautiful malls, hotels, etc.), and see what sets them apart from the rest.

Gather inspirational touches

Now is also a great time to start a scrapbook of sorts or a collection of design and material touches you find inspiring. That might include anything from pressed flowers to postcards and much more… whatever makes you stop and think about the kind of landscape you want to create.

Go for feeling—not for figures

Often times, you might find yourself thinking too much about the specifics of your space instead of the overall feeling you want to achieve. Put aside the pencil and don’t worry about square footage or the amount of mulch you’ll need to surround your sidewalk. Instead, think about how you want your space to feel—open, maybe, and full of light? Conducive to easy lunches outdoors? A spot for the family? Whatever the answer may be, it will help guide your entire landscaping process.

Still feeling stumped? Whether you have an idea you want to bring to life, or simply need some help in finding that perfect look, Duval has you covered! Call us today to learn more.

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