Achieving a Greener Space for Spring
Achieving a Greener Space for Spring

There’s something undeniably satisfying about a fresh, crisp, green landscape—the grass, trees’ leaves and shrubbery combine to form a picture of health and brightness in any outdoor space.

If your business exterior has seen greener days, we can help! In today’s blog, see how we can make your space look greener, fresher, and more functional in the months ahead.

Why green matters

Before we explore the ins and outs of achieving a greener landscape this spring, let’s take a look at why this natural color is so important to us!

When we see green—specifically in the form of natural features—we calm down and feel inspired. The presence of nature in all its green glory has been shown to inspire feelings of positivity and contentment among employees in office situations, and it makes a natural pick for home office décor (in the way of house plants like succulents) because of this. There’s a reason why a patch of green space is so prized in otherwise concrete-centric spaces like New York City.

Not to mention, green is a positive color in our society. Wealth, life, and creativity are all linked to this color (which just so happens to occur, in abundance, in our natural surroundings!).

How we can help

Now that you know why we love a good green space, how do you achieve it in your own business landscape? We can help with things like…

  • Fertilization, not only of the grass itself but surrounding shrubbery and other features that could use a healthful boost.
  • Water management to provide your landscape features with the natural nourishment they need to thrive. In addition to an intake of carbon dioxide, plants use water to help them photosynthesize and produce the healthy green hues you want to see.
  • Regular maintenance to ensure that an already-green space stays that way!

Are you ready to change your commercial landscape for the better? Call Duval Landscape! We have the tools and experience needed to transform even the dullest of spaces into thriving natural displays.

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