Crafting Curb Appeal: Not Just for Homes
Crafting Curb Appeal: Not Just for Homes

We hear a lot about curb appeal when it comes to selling a home—but what about beautifying your business landscape?

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, corporate park or retail space, you can benefit from a great first impression delivered in the form of carefully-planned curb appeal. Wondering how to get this elusive appeal in your own space? Take a look at today’s blog and find out!

Corporate clarity

One of the first steps to successful curb appeal is a bit of corporate clarity. Make sure that any signage you may have (telling motorists where to turn, or simply showcasing the name of your business) is clear, offering people an unobstructed view of what you have to say.

Regular cleanup

Cleanup and maintenance might not be the most glamorous side of curb appeal, but it’s absolutely crucial to making your space stand out from the rest. Who knew something as simple as tidying up and sweeping away debris could make such a difference?

Simple solutions like an extra garbage can will help you achieve a neater space. And of course, keeping your space neat is also about regular landscape maintenance: trimming grass, overhanging branches, and other things that contribute to a less-than-kempt appearance. That’s where we can help!

A dash of greenery

The addition of plant life is another great way to draw attention to your business exterior. Something as simple as succulent plants in a pebble garden, or the addition of potted flowers, can help you turn a space that’s not quite “lush” into a colorful miniature oasis. Better yet, take advantage of vertical space and hang up flowers and trailing vines from your exterior walls! Even if you don’t have lots of floor space to work with, this will let you accomplish a unique look next to your neighbors.

As your landscaping team, we’ll also work to ensure that the trees and shrubbery on your property frame your storefront/front doors instead of hiding them away.

Prettier parking

In suburban environments, people are always looking for a good place to park—so by simply having some spots on hand, you’re already attracting motorists! However, you can always do more. Ensure that the parking signage you have on property is clear and easily visible, so that guests are never unsure about whether or not they can park. Keeping your parking area clear of fallen tree limbs, trash, debris, weeds, and other unwanted features can help make it that much more inviting.

From large-scale curb appeal additions to small, impactful touches, we’re here to help! Call Duval Landscape today to see how we can make your space a more welcoming one.

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