Landscaping for Pest-Free Spaces
Landscaping for Pest-Free Spaces

Lush green lawn, sparkling water features, irresistible shade… and a faint buzzing in the distance?

No one wants their beautiful commercial space to be thwarted by the presence of mosquitoes. This summertime pest is no stranger to Florida landscapes, but there are things you can do to keep it at bay. Take a look at today’s blog to see how the right landscaping team can make all the difference!

Still water prevention

Everyone likes a good moving water feature on their landscape. But water should be just that: moving! If it’s not, then it might be a welcome spot for mosquitoes to come and enjoy.

The first thing we can do as your landscaping team is survey your space for potential water collection spots (old planters, gaps between the sidewalk and grass, etc.). This quick initial assessment can help us identify easily preventable spots that might be causing your mosquito problem.

Irrigation issues

Another possible cause of standing water is an irrigation issue. If you find that water often puddles up on your lawn, it’s possible that the water is having trouble draining. We can work to identify the cause and correct it, so that water doesn’t have a chance to still and sit around.

Elevation fixes

Don’t forget about elevation! Slight changes in the elevation of your landscape can cause slopes, where water can (you guessed it!) collect. Fortunately, this is another fix that we can help you with by adding plant life to the lower-lying areas of your space.

The power of flowers

In some cases, you can work to ward off mosquitoes by planting flowers and plants that they don’t like. For your human customers, however, they won’t look out of place! Species such as geraniums, pennyroyals, and more might be able to help with unwelcome insects, depending on your area, sunlight, and other conditions.

Well-planned shade

You love shade (especially in the summer). Unfortunately, mosquitoes do as well. But you don’t have to do away with shade and its benefits altogether. We can help manage the shade on your property, trimming overgrown branches and maintaining the shaded space so that it remains as clear of pests as possible.

Whether you’re looking for help with pest prevention or simply want to beautify your landscape, call Duval Landscape today! We can help with practical touches, aesthetic arrangements, and everything in between.

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