Get to Know the Landscaping Rule of Thirds
Get to Know the Landscaping Rule of Thirds

Photographers use the “rule of thirds” to line up their shots and create visually engaging photos worth sharing later on. But who knew your landscape could benefit from the photographer’s favorite rule, too?

Read on as we explore the benefits of borrowing this tool of the photography trade—and how it can be used to create beautiful, visually dynamic commercial landscapes. Take a look!

The rule

As it applies to photographer, the rule of thirds refers to a sort of grid system used when framing (or composing) photos. It suggests that a shot should be divided into horizontal and vertical lines—almost like a tic-tac-toe grid—and that the subject of the shot, whether it be a flower, dog, person, etc., be aligned to either the left or right lines but not the center. It also states that the horizon of a landscape shot should be aligned with one of the horizontal-running grid lines.

Why follow this rule? When it comes to photos, it’s been shown that photos that follow the rule often have more visual depth—they’re dynamic, unique and engaging, more so than a strictly symmetrical image would be.

The same, of course, holds true for your landscape.

Applying the rule of thirds to your landscape

Symmetry is easy, but the sign of a well-designed landscape is not necessarily in walkways and shrubs that mirror each other perfectly. Add some visual interest! Your landscape can benefit from the rule of thirds when you take measures to add visual interest. Create a beautiful lack of balance by introducing a focal point to the left or right side of your space—think a tree, water feature, etc. –or adding visual intrigue via distinct floral choices toward one side of your garden. These small choices amount to an overall feeling of quiet sophistication, a perfectly imperfect space that doesn’t need to be symmetrical to make a statement.

Looking for ways to embrace the rule of thirds on your property… or maybe create a new landscape altogether? The Duval team is here to help! We can help you design a captivating space that puts forward-thinking design at the forefront of your business. Call us today to learn how.

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