Achieving a Cutting Edge Landscape for Your Cutting Edge Business
Achieving a Cutting Edge Landscape for Your Cutting Edge Business

If your business is characterized by cutting edge designs, practices, and approaches to everyday problems... shouldn't your landscape follow suit?

We think so! In today's blog, we will be sharing five ways to apply your business' cutting edge mindset to an equally modern landscape design. Take a look.

Brilliance in minimalism

For many designers, modernism also means minimalism. Innovative, cutting edge businesses often forego visually busy websites, crowded offices, and lengthy, long-form messages in favor of more simplistic approaches. You can embrace the same line of thinking in your commercial landscape!

Minimalist landscapes don't go without flourishes of natural beauty--rather, they use clean lines where the grass meets the curb or sidewalk, and the occasional appearance of a unique plant, tree, or shrubbery display to make a unique visual impact. These additions are made even more noticeable precisely because there are so few of them--so that when they do occur, they stand out and inspire a feeling of surprise.

Alternative surfaces

Traditional landscapes often make use of grass lawns, paired with mulchy areas adorned with colorful flowers. It's a classic for a reason--but it's not the only formula for success! If you want your landscape to match the unconventional nature of your business plan, you can mix up your surfaces and try for new, eclectic looks. For example, planting colorful bursts of flowers in an otherwise neutral medium of pebbles is a desert-inspired idea that will be sure to stand out!

A break from the traditional

Looking for a way to put your own unique spin on traditional landscapes? There are, of course, a million and one ways to do this--but a few include designing asymmetrical landscapes, opting for uniquely-shaped trees and flowers, and introducing striking geometric shapes in the form of spherical shrubbery.

Syncing business mindset with outdoor design makes sense for companies big and small, modern and traditional. We look forward to helping you achieve your company's vision inside and out!

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