Turning a Multifamily Community into A Home
Turning a Multifamily Community into A Home

What separates a community from a home? A physical space from the memories and sense of belonging you get by being there?

The answer is sure to vary based on who you ask—but one thing’s for sure. The right landscape has more than a little something to do with it!

We know that you care about providing your multifamily community with the space it needs to grow and thrive—and we can help you do it. Read on in today’s blog to learn more about the landscaping features that separate your run-of-the-mill community from a place people truly want to call “home.”

Ample green space

What multifamily community would be complete without plenty of space to play around in? Whether you people-watch, kick around the old soccer ball, have a picnic or fly a kite, green expanses serve to relax the mind and invite it out to play.

Colorful flourishes of home

When in doubt, add a splash of color—especially in multifamily communities and other family-friendly spots. Who wouldn’t be swayed into a better mood by the sight of their favorite, sweet-smelling bouquet. These are communities where bright, laidback attitudes are embraced, so don’t be afraid of dressing up common spots like sidewalks or neighborhood clubhouses in bright, colorful plants.

A welcoming entry

Finally, don’t forget to start the “welcome home” process before the family gets home. Landscape enhancements like community signs, fountains, and beautifully-maintained shrubbery add to the feeling of home and relaxation every time you’re on your way in (or out!) of the neighborhood, delighting current residents and beckoning future ones to come in and consider making themselves at home.

You know what a great foundation can do for your community—now help make it happen! Call Duval Landscape Maintenance today to learn about incorporating these features (and more) into your multifamily community. We look forward to working with you.

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