Walkability: What’s It All About?
Walkability: What’s It All About?

In a world where 91 percent of Americans take their car to work every day, is there still a need for walkable public spaces? We think so!

The benefits of walkability—or how easily you can navigate and area by foot—are manifold, and are worth considering as you design your commercial landscape. Take a look at today’s blog to see why a more walkable space is worth designing this fall.

It fosters a more cohesive commercial environment

When you’re operating a corporate park or one business in the midst of several, you don’t want your space to feel closed off—you want it to feel like a natural part of its surroundings! Having ample walking space around helps you do that. Your individual space won’t feel inconvenient or out of the way, but will be seamlessly integrated into the environment it calls “home,” since people can more easily get to and from your business.

It helps you showcase business vitality

What better way to draw in new customers than show them a thriving commercial space, one where other customers and employees can be seen walking around with ease? Improved walkability will add a sense of life and vitality to your landscape, one that creates a positive first impression.

It’s good for you, too

We know that walking is good for you, so it naturally follows that walkable spaces are just as beneficial. They invite employees and customers to get up and walk around—whether it be for getting from point A to B, or simply in pursuit of some fresh air.

You can create a more inviting space

It’s much easier to feel welcomed in a space where walkways and access points are clearly visible. With a more walkable landscape, potential customers will be able to clearly identify sidewalks or passageways that lead up to your front door. It may be a small touch, but it’s sure to set you apart from other businesses on the block.

There’s more to work with

Finally, a more walkable landscape gives you more to work with in terms of design. With a plain, flat lawn, you can only do so much—but when you have corners and passageways to surround with beautiful plant life, as well as steps that climb up changes in elevation, you start to get a bit more creative!

For help in designing a brand new, walkable space (or maintaining your current one), call Duval Landscape Maintenance today! We’re always here to help make your design dreams a reality.


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